Writers Quote Wednesday





From e.e. cummings

All in green went my love riding
on a great horse of gold
into the silver dawn.


Perfect words for a morning last week when the warmer air brushed fog off the damp ground. Except I only looked; didn’t have these most perfect words. And finding a camera, let alone focusing it, is beyond my first-thing-in-the-morning self.

Check out Writers Quote Wednesday from Silver Threading. Thanks for the prompt. It’s been years since I read e.e.cummings. This was a good reason to do so.


Writers Quote Wednesday

writers-quote-wednesday4xWriters Quote Wednesday is brought to us by Silver Threading. Go check out her site for some great posts!

It’s an interesting challenge to find new authors or authors you thought you knew but suddenly discover an exciting line you’d never read.

Today I’m using a quote from another of my favorite authors: Me.

The problem with life’s crossroads is that the message, written on the reverse in ink destined to remain invisible for an unspecified length of time…sometimes years…is…well, invisible.

Janet Sunderland  from  Written on the Reverse (memoir in progress)

Leastwise, that’s certainly been my experience. And sometime we don’t even know it’s a crossroad until we turn around, look back, and go…oh. So that’s what it was.




Writer’s Quote Wednesday

writers-quote-wednesday4xWriter’s Quote Wednesday gave us the author Nancy Kress.

I’d never heard of Nancy Kress, but hey, there’s lots of authors I’ve not heard of. So, of course, I Googled her.

I’m not that interested in science fiction, fantasy, yes, science fiction not so much. So my next stop was to search Goodreads for Nancy Kress quotes and see what she says.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the list that I laughed. Here’s my favorite quote.

An alien had given her his phone number and asked her to wait. It was almost like dating again.

Well. I had to think about that. Dating. That was a lot of waiting for phone calls. A lot of waiting. So then I wondered what waiting for an alien would look like. Maybe like a very old, very empty hallway over a very long time, long enough for a tree to grow at the end.

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