Where’s Janet?

Courtesy SLP-ARTIC Hats

If you’ve read my about page, the opening page titled Step Into My Crossroad, you will already know I wear several hats. Well, lemme tell ya, the hats, they be spinnin’.

I don’t often get times when all of them converge at the same time, but this is one of those times.

As a writer, I attended a holiday gathering and made the contacts I needed to make for Whispering Prairie Press; as an actor, I met with a producer who’s working to bring the OM Festival to Kansas City; as an actor, I also went up north for a haircut because I needed to look presentable; as a priest, I’ve been doing daily Advent reflections; as a mother, I organized a flight for my son to go visit his father and brother; and as a wife, well, our house looks like Martha Steward came flying through on a broomstick. And tomorrow, I’m back to being a writer at the book festival at Mid-Continent Library. Sunday, I’m presiding at Second Sunday of Advent and initiating two seminarians into the Cleric order.

Am I writing. You josh. I spent one hour one afternoon going over the last chapter in the memoir to see …. where was I anyway???

Next week looks like…well…next week.