Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

English: Signature of Émile Zola.
English: Signature of Émile Zola. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a companion piece to the Foucault pendulum photo I posted a couple weeks ago although this isn’t part of the pendulum but rather a spiral staircase, leading to the tombs in the lower level of the Pantheon.


We found Voltaire and Rousseau‘s statues facing each other across an aisle. Among the others who are entombed are Marie CurieVictor Hugo, Émile Zola, Jean MoulinLouis Braille, and the architect of the Pantheon, Soufflot.


This is the way to find them. It’s a steep journey to the end.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

This challenge of lines was tough. I like lines – I like taking photos of lines. Should I choose the tree branch shadowed lines across pink flamingos standing in late afternoon sun in my winter yard? A multi-arched aisle stretching down the side of an old church? The striped bars on a window?

Coming finally to some photos from our trip to Paris two years ago, I found the most mysterious: a stone spiral leading into …. well, death, really.

Spiraling Down

These led from the main floor of the Pantheon down to the tombs. Voltaire and Rousseau’s faced each other across the aisle, combatants in death as well as life.