Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

The idea of “two subjects” in one photo boggled me a little in just figuring out what it meant. And I still don’t exactly know, but maybe this shot from a window at Versailles, France, might do. I wanted to capture the very old, wavy glass and the rose gardens outside. But what I captured in taking the photo was the wavy glass in an old french window with a scene beyond of someone else taking a photo of a couple standing in front of the rose bushes. I guess that might qualify as a two subject photo!

Beyond the Window

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down #2

So the second down I’ve chosen is down the road. I seem to take a lot of down the road shots: I have a whole series from our trip to California last summer, for example; I have more down the road shots from up on the farm. Country dirt roads are the perfect place for down the road shots.

The two I’ve decided to post are from travels, too. The first one below is from Hawaii. Several years ago, we held a family reunion in Hawaii where my sister Jeanne lives and while we were there, participated in a land blessing. Jeanne and Robert had finally finished clearing acres of tangled brush and were getting ready to build a retreat center. This shot is walking down the trail to the gulch where the mother stone sits. If you’ve been to my sister’s web site, www.hawaiiislandretreat.com, you know the place looks remarkably different now (and if you haven’t looked at her website, do! It’s a fabulous boutique hotel.).

walking to the gulch
This second shot–well, you could say it’s a lot like Hawaii Island Retreat if you’ve looked at the web site. Only not. But sorta. The same sort of fabulous main building. This shot is looking from the steps of Versailles down the path between hedges (down the path is sort of like walking down the road–at least in theory).  Our glorious trip to France. Too many stories and too many photos, but this particular day, we walked down these steps toward the pigeon below, on down to the level of the fountain and around it, down to the little restaurant you can’t see at the end of the grassy patch and before the water, and turned right to walk down to Marie Antoinette’s summer-house.
down the steps at Versailles