Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder #3

Homage to Marcel Ayme

   Paris has history bursting from every nook and cranny as you might imagine. In Montmartre, we wandered down a side street and came upon this most remarkable sculpture. 

Before leaving home, I’d found and printed off a series of Internet pages of little “hidden places in Paris” and this was one of them. But I hadn’t remembered it was on Montmartre until we came upon it.

A portrait of a well-known writer, Marcel Ayme, the sculpture is mounted on the wall to represent one of Ayme’s famous characters from the story, “Passer through Walls” which he wrote in 1943. The story was turned into a musical and even ran for a time on Broadway – and named “Amour.”

 That’s all there was to it – the piece mounted on a stone wall – a little square with a couple of benches – a tree beyond. The writer lived nearby until his death in 1967 and perhaps the little square was a favorite spot to sit and watch as people passed by – or a way station to rest before climbing the hill to the town square.