A River –and it runs through and clear

Every once in a while, I have to spend some time with my laptop on my lap catching up on Facebook. I do it because if I don’t, I miss family news or I miss news from one of my “Likes.” For example, I like “Finishing Line Press” and they put a note up about Persimmon, a journal for women over 60. I always forget about Persimmon. As in forget to submit. I forget a lot of things, actually, maybe because my hard drive is full and there’s just too much to remember. And maybe because I’m over 60.
Anyway, in cleaning up my desk top and files and Facebook, I clicked on a link, one of the many links across the top of the Internet Explorer¬†desktop¬†(which doubles as my memory), wondering, okay, what is this. What did I save now? The link was to Peaceful Rivers–for the Journey and every time I remember to click on it, I smile. So I’m offering you the link and the smile and the deep breath, if you, too, are in the midst of straightening up your desktop for the week.
Opening the page, I read:
The work is always inside you.
This knot does not get
by listening to the stories of other people.
The well inside your house
is better water
than the
river that runs through town.
translated by Coleman Barks
from ‘The Big Red Book’ pg. 474