Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Now given the reputation of pit bulls, you might wonder how I could put “comfort” and “pit bull” in the same frame. But there’s a funny thing about familiarity: once you get to know an unknown, it’s not nearly as scary. Case in point, Mittens (yes, mittens) the Pit Bull, my great-grandchild.

When grandson Michael who is in the Navy came home for Christmas last year, he brought his dog. She adopted us as grandparents. Sometimes overly so. But the well-muscled Mittens against the white puffy comforter and the blood-red pillow, make for interesting contrasts.

And I found out something interesting in the bargain. The dogs we fear, i.e. pit bulls, are actually the breed American Terrier. Has a very different ring to it doesn’t it? There’s probably a lesson in there for all of us about stereotypes and misinformation.

Mittens the Pit Bull