Upcoming Workshop!

Still PointI was so pleased a few months ago to have an essay, Life in Moments (you can read the essay on the Publications page), published by Still Point Arts Quarterly, and even more pleased when the editor, Christine, asked me if I’d like to do an online writing course. Yes!! So it’s set up and the information for the course is below.

This is such a gift – and a whole new adventure for me: not the teaching or even teaching online, I’ve done that. I’ve just never done a live feed from my office to students. If you follow my blog, you’ve seen what my office looks like most of the time. Well, it gets a new look. My son, who works for Home Depot, helped me figure it out. Sons are good for those sorts of Help! items.

Hope you can join me.  All finished pieces will be posted on the Shanti Arts website. Shanti Arts is the parent of Still Point Arts Quarterly.

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Building a House: Writing Memoir and Personal Essay

A Workshop with Janet Sunderland


Learn to think about writing a personal essay or a book-length memoir like building a house, focusing on structure, situation, and story. Structure (the foundation and studs) – define the beginning, middle, end, and the time-line; Situation (the walls of each room) – describe what happens, along with characteristics of people, place, and sensory details, to build a picture in the reader’s mind and lift the words from the paper into another’s experience; Story (the color scheme, furniture, and decorations) – present the writer’s experience and journey of self-discovery to create a reliable narrator for the reader. All of this comes together to bring the you alive so readers will live through you. Suitable for both experienced and emerging writers. Participants will complete a manuscript of about 1,500 words to use as a stand-alone piece or the start of a longer manuscript.

●  July 1 to 28, 2016. As an online workshop, participants will use email and other digital forms of communication.

●  Fee: $160