There are many things in this world I do not understand: why teenagers are better at computers than I am who have been using computers for thirty years; why Indian Summer doesn’t come the way it used to; why my ear bud, plugged in to recharge, eventually dies; why solar flares happen to disrupt electricity.

The list could go on. However, here is my latest I do not understand: this morning, in my inbox, I received the third fundraising campaign from Donald Trump even though the first time I received one, I unsubscribed, and deleted, and the second one, and today I received a third.

Add to all those above facts, I have never in my entire nearly fifty years of voting, voted Republican nor have I signed up for Republican or Donald Trump newsletters. Here’s the top of the newsletter, followed by (which I did not copy) the levels to which I could contribute.


No matter what the Fake News Media reports, we’re working to advance our agenda every day.

In the first 9 months alone, we’ve delivered on our promises and have proven we’re ready to fight for what we believe is right for the future of this great country.

We did it together in 2016, and there’s no doubt in my mind we have the momentum to keep it going. But I need to know you’re committed to our movement, Friend.

This is your last chance to update your record before our end-of-quarter deadline, and I’m hoping you’ll do so by renewing your Sustaining Membership:


Account Number: 36001974
2017 Sustaining Membership:
Deadline: September 30, 11:59 PM


I AM NOT a “Sustaining” member. So here’s my question: how did I get on a mailing list and now, since unsubscribing doesn’t work, how do I get off???

And how, exactly, did they hack my email address???