Just another full moon

Full moonEach morning I sit quietly with my journal and a cup of strong Irish Breakfast tea…with milk of course…and I write my day, thoughts, dreams, in short…I write my brain awake.

The other thing in my morning ritual is to read one or two professional astrologers (not the newspaper ones) to gather the tenor of the day. Most of the time, that keeps me from becoming overly cantankerous on those days when aspects are challenging. Today was a full moon.

I often check Spaceweather.com as the sun is prone to send fierce solar storms or glancing coronal mass ejections our way without the least provocation. I need to know these things. Seldom, however, do I laugh right out loud. Today I did.

One of the people I read is Henry Seltzer. He has a Linguistics degree and studied Computer Science and went to MIT. And he’s had a long interest in Jungian psychological symbolism. As have I. All to say, I trust his wisdom.

If you click on the above jpeg, you’ll see the chart bigger and even if you don’t, it’s easy to see: stuff is piled up in one section or our solar system.

(Appropriate to the times, I was interrupted in the middle of this to go do something else only to discover I had two of what my son was installing and neither of them did what I wanted them to do. I grow old, I wear my pants legs rolled…..T.S. Elliot)

So. We all know life’s been a little nuts….(a little? I hear you say…) so what Seltzer wrote this morning may not bring a surprise but rather, as it did to me, an out loud laugh in recognition.

Saturn represents structure, and remains in square with numinous Neptune, an aspect that was highlighted in the timing of the New Moon two weeks past. This constitutes another potent symbol for this month’s astrology, indicating that things are in a somewhat nebulous state, with confusion about the way that the very structure of our lives could be morphing with reckless abandon, versus our diminishing capability to keep holding on. (bold emphasis is mine)

And that about says it all. A somewhat nebulous (read wacko) state…? Check.

lives…morphing with reckless abandon…? Check.

our diminishing capability to keep holding on…? Check.

This morning my plan was to work on the memoir all afternoon. It’s now 6 pm and I’m now getting to the writing room, to write, instead, the absurdity of making plans. Something else needed doing earlier this afternoon, which entailed several details and email and messages to board members to get the right language for completing said task. It’s completed. That task, not the memoir.

And so we go. Ca-rooming from one thing to another. Or at least I do. Ends flailing about madly, in reckless abandon.

It could be worse.


Balancing Dharma and Life

The full moon sent out quite a ruckus last night–or, rather, the filling moon–it won’t be technically at its exact fullness until 9:06 p.m. CDT, so if you were up in the night, as I was last night, you may be facing another restless night tonight. I got out of bed and read with a cup of chamomile tea at my side.

The full moon is always about balance: the moon on one side of the earth, the sun on the other. Balance. We all know what that is. Finding and keeping balance is the challenge in the midst of all our personal as well as societal and global changes. Many people don’t like change, but when it’s coming at us from all sides, about all we can do is learn to dance the waves. But whether we like change or not, that’s what we’re called to in our actions, reactions, involvements, and tasks.

We’re all pretty familiar with the word dharma, and most of us who are familiar with the word have a general understanding of what it means. I needed to look it up to see the definition beyond my general understanding.

The things is, there’s no definite, final definition. It’s the “cosmic order of things,” and “the way things are” and it has a moral foundation–how one lives life in accordance with the way things are.

In other words, it ain’t simple! The cosmos isn’t a simple place, let alone our little speck of Earth, our nation, our society, ourselves. Nothing is simple in the grand scheme of things–except it can be if we remember to dance the waves. Well, maybe not simple, but we can more easily stay in balance.

To live one’s dharma, then, is to practice being in balance with the complexities of living. When you think about it, there’s really not much we can affect in a big way: yes, we can avoid going further into debt; yes, we can help others who are struggling; yes, we can vote (sometimes it’s a wonder whether that has much effect!); and we can write letters or in some way call out injustice when we see it.

But I would posit that the most important thing we can do is stay in balance and dance the waves. And float on our collective backs when the waves get too high.

We’re all juggling too many things these days. Practicing a time to stop, to pause and regroup in order to re-think our responses, may be the most critical lesson we need to grasp. And the full moon is a perfect time to practice.

Even the cosmos gets into balance once in a while–or at least the sun and moon do, even if everything is whanging off somewhere to the side. Spend some time on your dance steps today; find your balance and breathe.

And let me know how you’re doing with the whole do-se-do!