Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

I have so many travel photos, trying to choose one is like trying to choose a grain of sand on the beach. And many of them had stones of one sort or another including: the Painted Desert; Sacred Stones in Hawaii; stones on a Kansas road. The list goes on and on.

But then I came across this travel photo of Lisa Donnelly from the “Sisters Trip” to Hawaii last September. I’d met Lisa on our FamLand Tour, as we called it, a couple years ago, when we arrived in Los Angles at niece Lia’s place. In Hawaii, along with niece Lia, Lisa became an integral piece of our women-in-Hawaii trip. And talk about a Rolling Stone!

In just the time I’ve known her, a Kansas girl raised and educated in Lawrence, Kansas, she’s lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, back to LA, to Hawaii, LA, and Ecuador in South America.

We Kansans do love to travel. At least the Kansans I know although I’m aware all don’t.

This is Lisa, under the banyan tree, during our all woman trek through the rain forest above Waimea Valley. She’s also a fabulous singer and songwriter. So look her up! She has a new album coming out: http://lisadonnelly.com/site/

Lisa Singing