Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

How do you take a photo of down? What an interesting word, “down” with its varied meanings and uses. I could, for example, post a photo of a down comforter; however, since I’m not in the habit of taking photos of bed-clothes, I didn’t. And then I though of how, when we were children, we’d play the game of “‘if we dug a hole straight down, would we end up in China?” Well, we wouldn’t–but in those early years, we didn’t know the earth’s core was a fiery furnace and we’d be dead rather than in China.

I went through the photos and wondered how “down” spoke in them. I came up with three categories: down as below my window and literally down; down as down a road; and down as down in the basement.

This is the down below my window. This winter, we didn’t have any snow to speak of–a few dustings now and then–but last year we had full-blown blizzards and I fed the birds. Here’s the birds below my window. I like the winter colors of gray and white and brown and I like all the crisscrossing lines in this shot: telephone lines and fence lines and roof edge lines and bare tree branch lines.

bird tracks and snow