Daily Prompt: The Natural World

When I arise each morning, I walk across the hall to our office where I have my electric teapot and cup, and I look out the window “to measure each day’s grace” as I wrote in At the Boundary, my recently published book of poetry. The willow tree we planted five or six years ago is now thirty feet tall and measures the wind for me. It’s the first thing I look at. And then I watch the birds to see what they are doing, whether huddled in or busy on the lawn.

One of the nicest compliments I’ve had on my newly published book is that the words I use to describe what I see in nature places the reader in the same place. If you are one of those who has purchased the book, thank you. And if you’d like to purchase it,  clicking on the title above will take you to it.

Here’s my willow – a tree I’ve always wanted to have in my yard and now I do! Here’s two shots of it: Willow Against Fence (I also love the way our weathered board fence looks) and Willow Light, which reminds me of an Impressionist painting. The willow reminds me to move slow and to measure each day’s grace in the way I interact with the world.

Willow Against Fence
Willow Against Fence
Willow Light
Willow Light






Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal

I took this shot at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Centerwhen we went to hear two friends, Janet and Stanley Banks read poetry. She was so beautiful in herself, black beret, red coat, elegant make-up, that I wanted to shoot her as she listened to the poetry without her noticing me.

Then I noticed the display behind her: the legends, the leaders — certainly no mere mortals. Nor was she.

The Lady in Red
Lady in Red


It’s a book!! Almost….(the business of writing)

As writers, we want to write and we want to publish. That doesn’t seem like such an overwhelming desire, after all, there’s lots of places to publish. I’ve been published for over thirty years in a variety of venues: journals, websites, newspapers.

But what we really want is to publish a book. That goal has been elusive for me and perhaps for good reason. Perhaps I simply wasn’t ready to take on the daunting task of marketing and selling a book. As writers, we love to write. Marketing? Well, not so much. That’s a different set of skills all together and I’m learning a new appreciation for the many published journals that have been kind enough to do all the work to get my work out to the public.

Now it’s my turn. I have a publisher and a book coming out in May, titled At the Boundary. It’s been a huge task getting it ready, copy-editing, asking for reviews, getting a new photo, the list seems never-ending. And now I’m in the marketing phase.

Marketing turns the focus from me to you. What is it in this book of poems that you need? Do you need it because you know me and want to support me regardless? What a cool thing that is! Thank you. Do you need it because you’ve been following my blog for a while and want to know more of my writing life? Or life in general? I’ve certainly learned a lot about life in my writing. Or do you need it because we all go through our seasons and lives and we all need to know how others have turned and grown and made their transitions in life? That’s what the crossroads are all about!

But marketing also turns the focus back on me. I need your support. So I’m asking for it. There’s a deadline for pre-orders of March 6th. If 55 copies haven’t sold by then, my book won’t be published. I understand. Publishing is a dicey business at the best; and in these days, there’s a lot of the worst. And so, I need your support just as the poetry press, Finishing Line Press, needs my support in marketing.

To order, go to http://finishinglinepress.com. You can get there by clicking PREORDER FORTHCOMING TITLES. Scroll down the page until you see At the Boundary by Janet Sunderland. 

By clicking on that link you can read reviews or my bio and you can order. And before you even do that, Thank you. Thank you for reading and for wondering where I was in all the time that I’ve been absent from writing on this blog. Now you know what I’ve been doing! And thank you for supporting my work.