Memoir and Personal Essay

In this workshop, we’ll learn to think about a personal essay or a book-length memoir like building a house, focusing on structure, situation, and story. We could think about the structure as a foundation and the studs as the parts that define beginning, middle, end, and the time-line. The situation is what happened, plus the details of people, place, and sensory details to build the picture in the reader’s mind and lift the words from the paper into another’s experience.

The story is how you, the writer, grew or changed. In short, it’s the writer’s experience and self-discovery that creates a reliable narrator for the reader. By bringing the you alive in the experience, readers will live through you. Full day workshops include writing practice and feedback.

Upcoming Workshops:

In June, I’ll be teaching a four week course online through Shanti Arts.

Stay tuned for details

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