About Janet

Pioneer Bluffs-KC Voices-9771Like many who create, I wear several hats: writer, actor, teacher, healer, priest, wife and mother (so okay, you’re not a priest–that’s okay–my kids are grown, so I’m a pretend mother–we all stretch the lines a little). The titles aren’t ranked in significance or importance. On any day, at any time, most of them operate simultaneously. I also manage the family farm, but adding “farmer” to the list may be over-doing it.

I write about memory and how the land, in my case growing up on a farm, influenced my life and my writing even when I’m writing about living in Hawaii or Mexico. I think of myself a see-far woman. On a Kansas farm, you get used to seeing distances. I’m a thinker and I watch for connections. Often, travel leads me to a new way of seeing and new connections. But it’s all memory and the web memory weaves in our lives.