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  1. Thanks for your support during my first year as a blogger. You were my top commenter. I appreciate your thoughtful words. PS I’m wearing my new knee length wool socks that look like the American flag, and Land’s end heat skin top. I’m trying to decide if I want to spend my Christmas money on A) an electric lap blanket B) new snow boots or C) highlight my hair with blonde streaks, and pretend I don’t live in a snow globe. (Plus it hides those rapidly multiplying gray hairs.) Happy New Year!

    1. Ah…go with the streaks. And pull out Aunt Em’s old afghan. If you don’t have an old afghan (or an old Aunt Em) let me know. I have several. Afghans that is. Not Aunt Ems.
      Some miraculous person sent me five pair of amazing rabbit wool Japanese socks made in China. At least the pkg came from China. And I have no idea who sent them. They actually whisk moisture away from my feet and keep them warm at the same time.

      1. I don’t have an Aunt Em, but we do have a lot of blankets… I think the tourists would find me odd wearing them around town… or maybe they’d think I was homeless and offer my money and warm drinks or less attention with my brood of boys trailing behind me because I look slightly mentally unstable. (Because truthfully aren’t we all a bit off?) Ooh bunny socks! They sound lovely and snuggly I’ll have to look into those or invent electric socks that are less than $100 a pair. I was leaning towards the fun vs the practical since I think that’s what my grandma would want. I bought myself a nail polish set featuring sparkly colors and my favorite red. I’m going to book my appointment with the hairdresser now before I change my mind. Even though I need multi focal contacts and to finish the master bath remodeling with a new toilet. Those things can wait.

      2. Yeah Girl! I’m proud of you. And your grandmother for teaching you.

        I recently received another free fleece throw from National Wildlife Federation. Fleece works well for me and I have fleece vests and more fleece throws than I can use. It’s still in the original package. I’d be most delighted to send it to you if you’d use it. It’s a decorous beige, not red, but it works. Send me an address if you wish. J.

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