Photo Story: Paris Characters (live and in person)

b la Parisianne (2)

La Parisienne bookseller along the Seine. This was one of my first shots on the morning after we arrived. She had a large stand of books but she also played with painting while she waited for customers. I especially like The Louvre behind her across the river as if it were her background sketch.

womanLady and Dog








This may be my favorite character in all of Paris. The woman with her dog and her man, who’s on the sidewalk, drawing. Or something. Sometimes she and the dog watched passing Paris and sometimes they just watched him. Priceless.

Men Playing BocciBocci Ball players. I have no idea what the rules of this game are, but they spent considerable time standing and staring at the balls. I especially liked the splash of red sweater on the statue.

f bench nap (2)An afternoon nap in the Luxembourg Gardens. I loved the bare elbow pointing to bare knee.

e sleeping teacher (2)Students taking a break at the Jeu de Paume Museum. Students wiggling; teacher taking a nap; weird statue doing what weird statues do in the Impressionist world.

pyramid. Young man at the Louvre, holding up the inverted glass pyramid all by himself.

bakery (2)Very famous La Galette des Moulin bakery on Montmartre. Not so famous people walking by. What makes this interesting is the back of my husband’s head and shoulder reflected in the window corner.

selfieAnd the weirdest characters of all…Cliff and Janet trying to take a selfie. That’s what you get for giving grandparents a camera.





Some Storybook Characters of Paris: a photo journey

gargoylesThe everlasting, ever-watchful gargoyles who guard from the towers of Notre Dame

headlessThe headless bishops who once sat above the portal of Notre Dame with heads attached (and which were chopped off in the Revolution), and who now reside in the Roman-baths basement over which was built the residence of the abbots of Cluny in in mid-12th Century and is now the magnificent Middle-Ages Cluny museum.

red doorThe door to a fortune-teller and herbalist on the street behind Notre Dame, replete with cross and stuffed birds, to visit in case you’re not sure your prayers will be answered.

St. PeterThe feet of St. Peter at the church of Saint Sulpice whose toes have been kissed down to nubs by centuries of worshippers.

St. DenisSt. Denis, the patron saint of Paris, who, after his head was chopped off (see bloody axe), picked it up and went off through the streets, still preaching. Now that must have been a sight to behold!

VoltaireVoltaire, famed philosopher of the Enlightenment, standing guard over his tomb in the crypt of the Pantheon.

ManMan walking through walls in Montmartre (Passe-Muraille) based on a short story by French novelist Marcel Aymé. To fláner means to wander aimlessly, more or less, and that’s what we were doing on Montmartre — aimlessly wandering — when we came upon this wall.

Five days in Baltimore – a visual journey

2014-10-01 002
St. Johns Annapolis; Janet’s Alma Mater (hers the Santa Fe campus)
Crab Cakes at Michael’s in South Federal Hill
20141001_205029 - Copy
Rockfish with Crab Salad….oh, my
Camden Yards…where hope reigns eternal.
The Brothers, Cliff and Ken, at their old camp Msgr. Clare O’Dwyer Retreat Center, Sparks, MD
Everyone gets a little strange back home. Especially out in the country.
The magic tunnel under the highway.
Outside the Labyrinth.
At the end of the Labyrinth.
A deserted house beyond the old ball field.
A deserted house beyond the old ball field.
Old rock house in the woods. We could all live there                                                                                                      (once we chased the monster from the basement).