Now I Remember….

After deciding to delete my blog, I have reconsidered after receiving and reading some of the great posts by other bloggers. But in trying to figure out where I go from here, I understand why I wanted to delete it…the site has become so complicated and I am so old, it’s a job to make sense of. I, on the other hand, remember the days when it was simple and clear.

However, after reconsidering, I’ve decided to go on for a while with it. I’ve really liked the community. I just have to get used to the”new and better” (and way more complicated) WordPress.

However, since I’ve just been called to dinner, I’ll close for now and endeavor to find my way back soon.


6 thoughts on “Now I Remember….

  1. Janet … does WordPress not know that they have made things so complicated that many are sorely tempted to stop blogging?? I doubt I would delete my site though … and would ask you not to give in to that thought AT ALL PLEASE> – let it be there for whoever wants to read when they want to read. Why put it down the chute ??
    I too have been finding it difficult both to cope with new system and to put my jottings into a structure … they are all over the plac.e – and its a bit difficult to delete the amateur writings and photography but shall have to get round to that soon. Prune and shape site a bit L:OL.

    And how have you been dear friend.? Came back today after an aeon and as usual checking Madame Sunderland is right up therešŸ„° Hope you stay well and return here when you can. TC and blessings

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