Never One to Dawdle

So along with promoting “From Ocean to Desert”, I have begun the Mexico book as I call it. Actually, the title is “A Gringa Loose in Mexico.” But “starting” is such an inexplicable word. In short, I’ve been trying to write this book for years and have pages and pages of stops and starts. In fact, sitting here on my desk beside my laptop, there is a seven inch stack of starts and stops. It’s been hard to get a handle on. The brief overview is I went to Mexico to make a movie, my hairdresser turned out to be a curandera, and blessed me on a night when the red sky poured blood.

The guys on tall buildings in New York would whistle at me but the guys in Mexico would holler, oye, donde va guera? In English, hey blondie what ya going?

I’ll check in from time to time, at least I hope I will. A seven inch stack of starts and stops is sort of overwhelming! In the meantime, pick up a copy of From Ocean to Desert. You’ll still hear my voice.

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