Sometimes I wonder….

This keeping up with a blog, along with life and covid and staying safe and cleaning up the leaves in the yard and keeping up with email…. well, it’s all a lot of work. More than, say, ten or so years ago when I began… not the leaves…the blog.

But here I am, back. I may be repeating myself, but my memoir, From Ocean to Desert, is soon forthcoming from Shanti Arts Publishing: Shanti Arts — Nature, Art, Spirit Check them out. The publisher, Christine Cote, also publishes a journal four times a year, which is how I got to know Shanti Arts, as she has published several of my essays over the years.

I’ve also finished revising and editing a book for my 90 year old friend. She and her 92 year old husband both were infected by covid and spent several weeks in hospital/rehab/etc but are finally home with round the clock nursing. What a year this has been. We, in this house, have stayed healthy, but then we seldom go out. My eldest son who lives with us is teaching 7th grade math from his basement cave; my husband is teaching college philosophy from his upstairs office; and I have, after sending off my memoir to Shanti, have been cleaning up my computer and writing room. It astounds me how much I have managed to save for some reason or another in my several years old laptop. Dropbox has a lot of it, but so do files so deep in the machine I didn’t even know they existed.

However, in all that digging about, I have found a series of posts from back in 2013-2018 on spiritual writing. I have now, hopefully, over the past week+, copied all the posts worth saving for when I write another book on spiritual journeys. Or something. But now I don’t have to keep that WordPress site and continue paying for it. At least that’s the plan. Carrying out the plan and managing to delete the site from WordPress is next. I will, however, keep this one.

Speaking of which, what are you guys doing??? I haven’t had a post from anyone in a long time.

Oh yeah, I just remembered. Incoming posts are linked somewhere else that I’ve forgotten where and will need to search for. Mercy, one more thing to do…..

At any rate, Happy Holidays to you all. May your days be peaceful and safe. And when you have time, let me know how you’re doing, and I will endeavor to remember and find where the incoming posts are all stored.

My very best, Janet

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder….

  1. Always good when a post from you appears and even better when I read that all is well with you and yours. Because we moved to Arizona at the end of March, we haven’t had the opportunity to do as much exploring or as many things as we would normally do. We also cancelled our family Christmas plans as our younger daughter would have to travel through three airports and be on two flights coming and going, my s-i-l who always comes is at high risk so we don’t want her to travel nor does she want to, and our older daughter and her husband live in California, so who knows what restrictions will be in place by Christmas. However, for the first time in many, many years, we’ll be able to have my parents over for Christmas Day (moved here to help when they need help) and see my brother and his family as well. We’ll also Zoom at least for a bit.

    We’ve gone a few places since moving, as driving and staying mostly in the car isn’t dangerous. I get groceries for my parents so they don’t have to go out and spend time with them. Still blogging and of course there’s always housework and the like. My husband already worked from home, so moving wasn’t a problem and his life is about the same workwise.

    That’s about it from here. Just waiting on various packages that are being delivered much, much more slowly than usual due at least in part to the record number of things being shipped. Just started another 1,000 piece puzzle. Life is good.


  2. PS: no I’m not cancelling my blog. It was another I had for the church where my husband and I pastored, which, after a year of no services is pretty much defunct, and gives us the chance to say, “well, maybe it’s time to retire.”

  3. Hi Janet, so good to hear form you. And most of all that you and your family are well. Glad your friends are back home. They may need some time to fully recover. I understand weeks in rehab at the hospital takes its toll. Everyone (almost) is working form home. My wife attends her students research on-line. We have our grandson here two days a week to help in his on-line classes at the French school. Learning to read and write on-line! Can you imagine? 🤣
    You do well to stay locked up. We buy everything on-line. Only went away twice with the kids and grandkids. We rented a house in Malinalco in July for a week. Then another house in Cuernavaca for a long week-end. My wife and I will go to Tepoztlan end of year. Another Airbnb! We spray everything we can when we arrive, and hope for the best.
    I hope I misunderstood: you are not going to cancel your blog, right? I know it is a significant amount of work but it’s the way we keep in touch.
    I imagine the festivities will be limited, yet allow me to wish you a merry Christmas 🎄 and a totally relaunched 2021. Let’s hope the new vaccines will get soon to as many people as possible and work well…

    1. Nice to hear from you, too, Brian. I’ve been writing a lot and have forgotten to say hello??
      Malinalco was one of my favorite places, just loved the name, and I lived in Tepoztlan for almost a year….ah, such memories. The market there is wonderful as is the old old church. Worth looking at. One thing I remember clearly is the second floor “lavatory,” a wooden bench with three holes opening into space. I always wondered about that. But the sound was marvelous with all the indigenous people singing. Oh, yes. I briefly lived in Cuernavaca on the west side overlooking the barranca.
      I’m really glad you are well and have your grandchildren nearby. We Americans have a habit of wandering. My grown grandson, his wife, and son live in San Diego, my second son lives in Florida, and oldest son lives with us. Which is handy as he fixes things. Abrazos a ti, Brian, and a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

      1. Helloooo! I love the possibility of those immediate exchanges… I remember you mentioned Tepoztlan before. We’ve actually taken the decision to buy a house over there. The prices seem about right, and since we live in Tlalpan, we’re barely an hour away. Plus, my wife is teaching/researching on-line at the U, so she could just as well do it from tepoz or cuerna… We’ll see.
        I know Americans tend to scatter, which makes family reunions all the merrier when they happen. Still, it is good that your son is with you. Always handy and certyainly good company.
        Stay safe “Juanita”. 😉

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