Well, I have excuses…

I’ve become entirely too successful in creating an editing business. I am, currently, editing a manuscript of some 300+ pages. It’s taking a lot of focus.

The Coronavirus still rages in Kansas City. I still go not much farther than the backyard to feed the wild critters who love our safe yard. Baby cardinals have discovered the joy of feeding themselves rather than waiting for parents. As with most teenagers, they eat a lot. The squirrels, whom most homeowners disparage and want to get rid of, are a daily delight as they chase each other around the yard. We have baby squirrels, too. And one small family of rabbits who only venture into the yard when no one is about.

What an astonishing world we are living in. Politics are nuts. No one can agree on anything. Mask requirements come and go (I ALWAYS wear a mask when leaving the house as does my husband and son) and our 90+ year old friends celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. Seventy-five years of marriage! That’s quite an accomplishment. We went to visit for a bit yesterday, wearing masks. They were also wearing masks, at home, as were all their adult kids.

Wasn’t there a masked ball popular in the Middle Ages during another pandemic? The Black Death? I’ve not found anyone dancing around here, but then, I don’t go anywhere, so how would I know?

I watch squirrels and birds and type. One of my memoirs is at the publisher’s. She expects to have it out sometime early 2021. I’ve not had a lot of time for my second memoir in the midst of editing others’ memoirs.

One of the things I have managed to accomplish is to turn over the farm business to my son, Stephen. Not that there’s a lot there to do. Well, that’s not exactly right. I went up to the farm with Stephen a few weeks ago. He had a John Deere riding mower shipped to our farm, which lies six miles from the nearest small town, nine miles from a paved road, a quarter mile from Mission Creek, and a half mile from the Ks/Neb State Line. We also cleaned out Dad’s shop/garage. Now. That was a chore. It hadn’t been cleaned in decades, even since before Dad died, and that was already decades ago. So you can only imagine. Well, imagine rat holes and mud-dobber nests and old and caked oil. But maybe you’d rather not.

Stephen reinforced the garage doors and put heavy duty hasps and locks on it so he could store the mower inside. Dad always bought John Deere equipment. Now another green machine is up on the farm.

Perhaps I’ve written about this before, and if I have, bear with me: The farm is an 1800s land grant farm – a quarter mile wide, and a mile east to west, planted to tallgrass prairie. It’s beautiful, and birds, butterflies, rabbits, and the occasional rattlesnake love it. It was homesteaded by Grandpa Albert’s grandfather so it’s been in the family a long time.

And sky. Forever the sky.

12 thoughts on “Well, I have excuses…

  1. Hi Janet! It’s been what feels like a century since I’ve checked anything on WordPress….I’m so glad to find your blog post and to read that you are doing well. The editing business sounds perfect for you…Your imagery of the farm and garden conjures up the most peaceful thoughts in the mind of this “city slicker”! Glad you are staying healthy and safe too.

    And I cannot wait for your memoir to be published! Look forward to hearing news when it’s available.

    Take care and all my very best!

    1. Lia!!! how nice to see your name pop up. How’s life in your part of the world – well, I know how mostly it is, like everywhere else, but how are you? Would love to catch up.

  2. Nice to hear from you Janet! Arizona. I might have a hard time adjusting to that climate. When I lived in Santa Fe, I loved it. But then, it’s a lot higher in altitude than Arizona and more inclined to rain and snow. I loved the skies there, too. I’d sit out on the patio of my little adobe at night and watch the stars. I expect you have a great view of nighttime skies too. I’m glad you’re doing okay.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I must say I’m grateful for our big back yard and the wide spaces of prairie. While it’s a four hour drive to get to the farm, the peace we receive in return is worth it!

      1. It’s a real blessing, especially at the current time! I live on a canal boat in a rural area of Northamptonshire, UK, so I also appreciate being fortunate to be so close to nature. All the best!

  3. Congratulations on the editing business, Janet, even if it does keep you too busy. πŸ™‚ I would dearly love to see your tallgrass prairie farm, but we’re much further away now that we’ve moved to Arizona. Boy, do I miss the wonderful soil of the Midwest!! Here’s what we have in AZ: Caliche is a shallow layer of soil or sediment in which the particles have been cemented together by the precipitation of mineral matter in their interstitial spaces. It’s like cement, making it difficult to plant, pull up plants, etc.

    We wear masks if we go into any public place, but not for biking (my husband) or walking (me) as no one gets close enough for it matter. I don’t get the people having fits about wearing masks. First world problem and if that’s your worst problem, thank God every day. πŸ™‚

    Stay well and happy!


    1. Masks seem to be the new fashion statement…Lol. I’m with you. I don’t understand why people are so opposed to masks. For several, actually many, weekends earlier in the spring, out 30-something neighbor, who’s really a nice woman, was having weekend parties. Thirty or so thirty-somethings in the backyard playing beer pong or sliding down a water slide and making considerable noise. We like Rachel and so often I wanted to say, Hey, Rach, gathering that many might be asking for trouble. But I didn’t. And suddenly a few weeks ago, the parties abruptly stopped. Nada, nothing, no one in the back yard except Rachel when she let her dog out. And I’m thinking…..whew…no noise but likely Covid in that crew. I remember being in my late 30s and somewhat crazy, but I wonder if i would have risked my life and health knowingly.

      1. I was surprised that the Sturgis motorcycle rally went on. Now there’s an uptick of cases related to that. Who really thought there wouldn’t be a problem. When we moved to Arizona, the attitude was quite cavalier, with hardly any masks and groups hanging out together all the time. And when the bars reopened, there were packed as in many other places. Again, who thought the would end well? I haven’t even gone for a haircut (9 months now) but thankfully it grows out well and I can trim my own bangs. We still watch church virtually from our church back in Illinois.

      2. Yes, I saw the news of the Sturgis rally. I keep thinking, wondering what this all means. In truth, I don’t understand the willfulness in not wearing a mask…. well, as I wrote the word “willfulness” the rest of me said, of course you understand willfulness. It’s how you’ve lived your life in many ways. So, new words… lack of consciousness. I don’t think I’ve ever had a lack of consciousness. Oh, sure, I’ve done stupid things. But more out of willfulness than lack of consciousness.

        The T.S. Elliot line comes to me with frequency these days….I grow old, I wear my pants legs rolled…

        We’ve not had church services since this began. Our small community was meeting in the chapel of a large church of mostly older people. It did not seem prudent to return. I’ve since seen they are doing virtual church, but we chose not to. For us, community was the driving force. I don’t know. Maybe we should have but we didn’t. The other thing is that Cliff and I were ‘doing church’ for the past 25 years – well, actually, Cliff was presiding even longer….he was ordained in his late 20s.
        Mostly, it’s an I don’t know time.

      3. It’s definitely an odd and unusual time. Then add in the riots and looting and (a few) peaceful protests and you have…well, I’m not sure exactly what you have.

        We’ve been doing virtual church to keep that sense of community with our old church as we haven’t been able to develop one here. For me it’s a little bittersweet, as I was part of the praise team and loved it and now they’re singing without me. πŸ™‚ My parents’ church reopened some weeks ago with lots of precautions as quite a few of the members are older. I’m uncomfortable with those who proclaim that God can keep them safe. True, He can, but He also gave them common sense. Well, anyway.

        On the plus side, we had some actual rain last night (which here can amount to 1/4″ or so and be considered a “decent” rain.) πŸ™‚ All the plants look quite chipper this morning and there’s a small chance of rain later, rather than the thunderstorms that produce marvelous lightning and rumbling thunder but nothing else except high winds. It’s also only 99 right now and was in the 70’s when I woke, prompting me to hustle out of bed to open everything for a few hours. We’ll have that respite for a few days before the heat arrives again. It’s quite a change from the Midwest. πŸ™‚

        Blessings on your week!

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