Day Something or the Other

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Each day I need to look at my phone to see what day it is. Today is Monday. Our wise city mayor has instituted a shelter in place order (which I tend to do most days, anyway) and for the most part, that’s what Kansas City is doing. We are allowed to go for walks outside as long as we keep “social distance.” The street in front of our house has people walking by from time to time — I know that because my desk faces a window to the street. My rear office window, where I sit to journal each morning while I drink tea, faces the backyard. I must admit, the backyard is more interesting. There the squirrels dash around the yard and up through the trees in the most amazing feats of bravery and balance, and bright red cardinals come to the bird feeder which I fill each day.

The front window shows me couples, some pushing a baby in a carriage although I don’t think they call them carriages anymore. (Strollers, that’s what they’re called! Just remembered.) But whatever baby seats are called, there they are. During normal times, whatever passes for normal, I rarely see anyone outside walking. But now they are as we live on a side street with very little traffic. Earlier, I watched a boy on a skateboard dashing along, followed by a woman whom I presume was his mother, on a larger one. Amazingly, she was reading and texting on her phone as she skated along. She did slip off, once, right in front of our house as I was expecting her to all along. Hopefully it wasn’t my condemnation of anyone skateboarding while reading a phone that propelled itself through the window to make her fall. Actually, she didn’t really fall completely, at which I was quite amazed, but did manage to tip the board enough that one wheel came off. Her son came back to rescue both her and the skateboard and replace one of the wheels that had come off. While pretty nimble, she wasn’t as nimble as the squirrels.

I’m getting used to the new and different WordPress. Mostly, I just start typing. Sometimes, as you’ve noticed, I find a photo to insert, but since we’re all at home, and the television on all the time, there’s not a lot to see unless I take a photo of the backyard trees, now beginning to bloom.

But now, I’m going to go work out in my makeshift gym in our bedroom. And probably listen to more news. It’s addictive.

All of you, my friends online, stay safe.


8 thoughts on “Day Something or the Other

  1. Maybe I should keep a Lockdown Diary. Ought to be interesting – or at least informative – for future generations. I have no offspring but someone somewhere – maybe the offspring of my nieces and nephew (who are themselves living through this though not documenting it) may be interested to know what a global Lockdown is like.

    I keep asking my mum and others who lived through the World Wars what it was like for them but do not get much interesting tidbits. Its so nice to know the little details.

    Janet .. are you working or watching passers by ..🚶🏼 and squirrels??😀 We have plenty of the latter too … plus crocs and monitor lizards and Kabaragoyas (a much evolved baby dinosaur 😛) but not many passers by other than those delivering produce as strict curfew in place. When not potting around I keep a look out for these reptilian creatures and try to capture them. Got a rare video of two crocs clashing and even recorded their call. Will see if I can post it but new format is driving me bonkers.

    At least something to try during Lockdown. Cheers and stay safe. 😙

    1. Hi Rose. First, take crocs recording and put it in your photo files. That’s still the same. And then, add a title. Theres a space but no line under titles now. Then just start writing. And making new paragraphs like usual. What i did was click on Classic and that gave me the old form. See if that works for you. If not, as I said before, just start typing and ignore all the other stuff or lines. It will work.
      Me, for one, would loved to see the two crocs video.

      1. PS: you can find the settings link – when to post, all those other details, at the top right of a post. It looks like a gear. Run your cursor over those three small icons on the top right after you open blog and it gives you more info.

      2. Thanks Janet for taking the time to explain. Will try that. Could not find the usual media file … kept getting a menu on free media … which seems useful too … but would like to post my own pics as well. Will check. Muchas gracias. 👍💖

  2. Janet I am feeling much the same way. Days sorta just slip by with little change except the increasing death toll.

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  3. Despite the amazing feat it is to be able to do all those things at one time, I’m always a bit sad that people aren’t looking at what’s around them, but looking at their phones instead. I think there’s certainly a lot more people walking around or otherwise getting around outside and then they were before, because that’s one of the only ways they can escape from their houses. Having just moved, I have more than enough things to do in the house! But I still get out in the morning to go for a walk or sit outside when possible. Certainly different times!

    Be well.


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