A Milestone Birthday, They Decided

Christian and Great-Grandma

Some months ago, younger son who lives in Florida said, “This is your 75th? That’s a milestone.” I agreed. It certainly was or is, as the case may be. I preferred not to think about it. Mostly, I didn’t know HOW to think about it. I mean, I’m still active, still working out, still writing, still being me. What made 75 seem like such a big deal? i.e. I preferred not to think about it once I’d done some math and realized 80 is only five years away and 85 and 90, etc etc. But since my life plan goes to 104, I decided this was only one more.

Not so, as it turned out, to my family. Especially my husband, who in concert with children and behind my back, decided otherwise.

First was a booze cruise around Weatherby Lake, north of Kansas City, on the Friday evening before my Tuesday birthday. Our friends, Venessa and Justin, have a house a couple of blocks from the lake and a pontoon boat. Cliff fixed about twenty crab cakes and off we went for an evening on the lake. Along with two thermos (what’s the plural of thermos? thermoses??) of gin and tonic. Not any gin, mind you, rather Hendricks Gin which is amazing if you’ve never tried it. And since it’s a pontoon boat, music and dancing on the forward deck. We had a blast. And drove home in the deep dead of night, around 1 :30 a.m.

On Tuesday, which was my rightful birthday, I was coming down the stairs in my nightgown when 6’4″ son who lives in Florida walked in the door! “Happy Birthday, Ma!” he said. And grinned. He fills a lot of space. Elder son who lives here in Kansas City is a little over 6′ but that extra 4″ fills a lot of space. So, on my birthday, two sons got busy fixing things. First it was a trip to Home Depot. I forget what all they came home with, but stuff, and began fixing. First it was the sink disposal unit that had become increasingly cantankerous. That took them awhile. While they were at it, they changed the under sink water filters. And tossed some stuff that needed tossing. I can’t remember what all they did on their fixing rampage. But stuff. Like old houses always need. Including a new ceiling fan and overhead light in the living room. Fortunately, older son once made his living as an electrician and is very careful around electricity. But whatever they did required several trips to Home Depot.

Two nights later, younger son left in the evening to go see a friend from when he lived here in KC, he said. Okay, I said. He came back about an hour later with grandson/granddaughter/great-grandson, who live in San Diego. I didn’t know they were coming either. We shuffled and moved things and set up beds in both offices and it was a very full house. The “boys” kept fixing things and I played with two-year-old great-grandson, Christian. He laughs a lot. And I baked cookies – about 6 dozen chocolate chip and ditto with oatmeal cookies, and went to the park and let Christian run and laughed and watched television and ate whatever it was my husband cooked each night.

Christian is a mix of three cultures: Korean, Filipino, Caucasian. When granddaughter, a year ago or so, said, “I can see the Korean and the Filipino, but I don’t see the White part,” I told her the White part is the crazy part. It appears I was correct. He and I did crazy together really well.

It was the most amazing birthday a Wife/Mom/Grandma/Great-Grandma could have. I soaked it in and was tired and sad when they left. The ceiling fan works great, by the way.


18 thoughts on “A Milestone Birthday, They Decided

    1. Thanks Cathy. It was indeed marvelous. And I had all my kids in one place for a few days. Lots of cooking, but it was a blast. My two older sons also installed a ceiling fan in the living room!

    1. Well, that’s kind of you. Thanks. The house was quite full for a few days.

      Hope you are doing well, too. There seem to be fewer people posting these days (including me), but then, life seems to over to top almost everywhere that perhaps spending time being creative is not high on the list. Or at least my list, although I did get the memoir deeply edited and sending out agent queries.

      1. Congrats on the full house. (I have noted the “Caucasian part being the crazy part” or something like that. 🙂
        Best of luck with your queries. You probably know better about that world of agents than I do. See you soon Juanita. 🙂

  1. What a great ‘continuing’ celebration. Happy 76th year Janet …. and to the years ahead. 104 … great target!!! I need to raise the bar for myself too … without giving in to the calendar 😛
    Christian looks an adorable bundle of fun. Must be missing the chuckles ….

    1. Thank you! Christian is a trip. He is so much fun to be around and his laughter is contagious.

      And yes, raise the bar! We all have too much to do yet in this world to succumb to a fragile elderhood!

  2. I love your 75th birthday celebration! All the great surprises – people, food, repairs – express the love you showered your family with. Happy Birthday, Janet

    1. Thank you Vivian. It was a birthday to remember, that’s for sure. My family – husband, children, grand-children, and oh, yes, that crazy great-grandson, are the jewels in my life. I am so very grateful they all came home. It was a blast.

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