A new poem

As I write on my home page, I write about memory and how the land, in my case growing up on a farm, influenced my life and my writing…..

Thanks to The Plum Tree Tavern for publishing it.


I’d love to hear if it reminds you of your own wanderings through home and land memory.

8 thoughts on “A new poem

    1. Thanks, Janet! I did see your comment but either the program or me couldn’t figure out how to post the response I made. And so, here I am. Glad you liked it and that it reminded you of your father’s farm.
      The weather has wrought severe damage, that’s for sure. One of my neighbors up there said some fields wouldn’t clean up to plant for perhaps two or three years.
      Our farm is about a half-mile from the KS/Nebraska border, so I do get that news. The farmers north of us here in Kansas City are in a terrible mess, too — grain bins full of corn or soybeans from last fall’s harvest burst open in the floods, and the fields are still full of water from the flooding Missouri River. To say nothing of all the pollution sliding down into the Gulf. It’s a mess.

      1. It’s a mess, that’s for sure. Some will make more money because of the scarcities, but many will make nothing. And those in the city worry about grass and mowing.

  1. I love the poem, Janet. It reminds me of my Aunt & Uncle’s farm when I spent summers with them. Memories of spending time in the fields and woods in the humid midwest afternoons and the finality of the sale of the property after their deaths. The memories live on, and on, and on…

    1. Thanks for reading Allan! How cool that it reminded you of your own family’s farm. Sorry it was sold, but that’s what’s happened to so many smaller farms.
      Ours is small – 180 land grant farm from the late 1800s. I still have the original deed in with farm papers. We’ve made our small plot into a sanctuary of sorts. No farming – just lots of tallgrass prairie now where deer, turkeys, etc roam (no buffalo however 🙂
      It’s in a family LLC which I manage, but with the next level of grandkids reaching their 50s, it’s about time for me to turn it over. My oldest son is the only one in the area, so I expect one of these days, he’s going to get the books! (whether he likes it or not!)

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