What else? I don’t know.

I was somewhat surprised to see my last post was in early October. In thinking back to October and November, oh, and also December, and which, in the case of memory, is an iffy project, I have no idea what’s happened.

I know I’ve been culling books and have taken three trips to Half-Price Books to unload extraneous volumes from our voluminous bookshelves; we bought a tree and decorated it; however, a small tree as I wasn’t up to the whole take-out-years-of-ornaments and hang thing this year. And I’ve written and sent book proposals to two reputable publishing houses after my several-month search for an agent proved fruitless. Oddly enough, when I’m writing, I’m able to focus and thoughts and to-dos don’t go dashing through my head.

What else? I don’t know.

Having kept up with journal posts, I could dig them out and see what I did when. Or if. Nothing very remarkable as near as I can remember. But then, as I said, memory is not one of those things that’s working well these days.

For a while, my husband worried I was developing dementia. Well. Being demented comes in all sorts of ways. Demented I can agree to, but I don’t have dementia. Just a rattled head with thoughts dashing past that if I don’t note down on the copious bits and pieces of note pads stacked around, I can’t remember. But I’m not repeating myself, although that might actually help me stay more or less on track.

My solution, instead, was to print out my current astrology chart and to discover, thereby, that all the transiting planets are hitting my natal planets in unseemly ways. Over and over. I showed said chart to husband and said, “See? It’s astrology.”

This, too, shall pass. We hope. However, many of the big and slow moving planets are not going to move out of the picture soon.

When you think about it, however, even in bits and pieces that refuse to stay connected, one can easily see this year, in particular, has been, well, odd is perhaps a non-judgmental way to put it. Nuts is another.

However, the furnace is keeping us warm; we have a supply of wood for fireplace evenings; the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners are planned and shopped for (yes, we have two festive meals) and for the most part the to-dos are done.

Now it’s time to open the wine.

So here’s to you my online friends. May your new year bring you joy, healing, and great bouts of laughter. Thank you for being in my life and bringing your life to mine through your words. Even when I don’t respond, I do read your posts. So, thank you, again.

Happy Solstice. Happy Yule.



12 thoughts on “What else? I don’t know.

  1. Janet, Haven’t read much email lately including your blog but I enjoyed this one. Happy Holidays! Good to know you are still writing and posting. Take care,

  2. I hope your natal planets are feeling better. I suggest three bottles of wine; they will fend off those transiting planets! Merry Christmas, Janet. See you soon, I hope.

  3. Best wishes for a joyful Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year. I’m glad you are finding focus here and there. I have missed you. I’ve been writing much less because of a multitude of family things. I’m hoping to settle back into exploring near home for the poetry I find here. ❤

    1. Thank you Vivian! I believe “a multitude of family things…” just about covers it. LOL Although our family reunion in Colorado Springs with the entire 40+ family members was fabulous. Here’s a toast to you, Lady. Keep writing poetry and have a wonderful Christmas. J.

  4. It is good to hear from you I have missed you and our masses. Are they still at 9AM. We wish you and your family a Merry Holiday

    1. Thanks, Sue. I’ve missed seeing you too. Yes, mass is still at 9am although Christmas morning mass is at 10. Yea! Getting myself together and out of the house so early is sometimes problematic, but we keep doing it. Hope to see you soon.

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