A Very Long Holiday Greeting

I’ve been absent so long, I’m having to reacquaint myself with where to find and write a post and there’s snowflakes running across my screen. I’ve always like seeing them; and they’re always a surprise. Oh, yes. It’s December and the snowflakes have returned!

There’s no snow in Kansas City. I’m always grateful to see winter arrive. I hate being cold and my fingertips and toes complain, as do joints, but winter shuts me in and I stop doing. Well, that’s not entirely correct as we’ve decorated the house and tree and that’s always a huge To-Do, but it’s done. As is the chimney cleaned and wood in.

This has been a year of to-dos. It began in February with the city digging up a broken water main in the front which eventually morphed into a completely replaced sidewalk along the front of the house, desperately needed, followed by  back porch cleaning, continued with back porch repairs on screens and a porch roof leak, and repainting the back porch (which, I’m loath to say took until fall to complete), followed by a frustrating experience with the air conditioner spring check (which led to a huge fight for weeks and weeks because of an over-charge issue ((which I won!)), followed by second son’s back going out so I flew to Florida to help him, followed by new great-grandson being born two months premature and all that woo-ha (baby is fine and growing and laughing), followed by oldest son rolling his ankle on both sides, all in the same week, which meant me doctoring one son in Florida and husband doctoring other son here and flurries of email and photos (mostly of new baby) flying through the Ethernet. In the meantime, we had disastrous floods in Kansas City and while we didn’t flood, exactly, we discovered water in the basement from cracks in the old stone foundation (which we finally got cemented this past week as well as finally putting up a new light fixture on the porch). During all this, sometimes in fits and starts, I’ve revised the memoir still waiting for a publisher. And somewhere in there, I found an tree-trimmer who gave the old and mighty oak in our front yard a haircut, and we cleaned up the back and front yard from bags and bags of oak leaves (our street is lined in oaks, pretty on summer evenings when you drive home through an overhanging tunnel of green; not so pretty when they are brown and moldy on the ground).

I’m no doubt forgetting something….oh, yes, we went to the farm for the eclipse because it was in the path of totality-which was pretty amazing, and while there, cleaned up accumulated weeds and trash. And in early November, we flew to Las Vegas, where grandson is in nursing school, to meet new great-grandson.

Ergo. I’m ready for winter. I’ll wear the house gloves my son bought me last Christmas (with leather tips so I can still use them on keyboard and phone) and the rabbit hair socks my sister gave me that keep my toes moderately warm. And God-willing and the creeks don’t rise, as my farmer Grandpa used to say, often, as I remember, I will stop.


24 thoughts on “A Very Long Holiday Greeting

  1. Hi Janet … see you have been quiet … as I have been 🙂 But you have been busy whilst I have been … uhmm distracted? I have returned to pottery after forever … last did it in Jamaica over 2 decades ago .. and rediscovering the obsession with clay. But plan to rein in soon and lead a more balanced life…
    Meanwhile just beautiful to hear of . sons … grand sons and great grand sons!! Blessings on all.

    1. Rose, how lovely to see your name in my inbox. Yea for clay!! It’s been too many years since I worked with it, too, but i can still remember the feel in my hands, the joy of actually turning a pot!! The sculpturing and forming. I still have a magical forest on my bookcase made from low-fire white clay. Somewhere in this voluminous number of saved posts, there’s a picture of it… somewhere. Balance is in the doing, and it seems you’ve been doing. Good on ‘ya. J.

  2. I appreciate your summation of the year far more than the usual ones we receive in my house, Janet! Usually it’s a long painful list of Who-Did-What during the year that reads like a press release! Not yours. Really nice.

  3. Janet, it is good to have you back. Your summer sounds exhausting and wonder-full all churned up together. Blessings for a quiet winter with help to stay warm from your new gloves and sox. I have WordPress snow, too, this year. I had forgotten that I learned how to turn them on and did so months ago. ❤

    1. Thank you, Vivian. I loved your line, “exhausting and wonder-full all churned up together.” It was indeed! I[m hoping for a quiet winter, but given the times, I’m not sure “quiet” is on the books much. But I’ll give it my best!

  4. I’d forgotten about the WP snowflakes. I opted out of them a few years ago, so I never see them, and it takes someone else’s mention to bring them to mind. Believe it or not, we have a few possible snowflakes in our forecast here on Galveston Bay. It’s too warm by far for anything to stick, but I’d take the sight.

    You certainly have been busy. It’s good to see you again — best wishes for this season, and for the New Year!

    1. Thank you! I heard about the Texas snow. And Louisiana and and and. We had the wind but only old dead leaves shifting through the air. I send you good wishes for the holiday season, too. I’m actually looking forward to it as we’ve simplified a lot this year. The decorations are all up, but the outside lights, after being strung, wouldn’t work and we said, oh, well, rather than let’s get a new string. I love cooking stews and chicken pot pies this time of year. And I learned I can make banana bars with chocolate chips rather than the banana bread I usually make and send to my kids. That’s easier, too. I think I’m getting old…..and beginning to understand why my mother put dollar bills in Christmas cards! LOL.

      1. I remember you baking banana bread, now that you mention it. There’s nothing wrong with “easier” — not a thing! And by the way — there’s nothing better than banana bars with lemon frosting, although I’d certainly eliminate the chocolate chips if I were going to do that.

        Now I’m going to have to dig out Mom’s recipe for those bars, and maybe indulge.

      2. You’re right…lemon frosting and chocolate chips would be….well, sorta squinching one’s mouth on one side taste! Lol. But I have boys, so laying on lemon and forgetting the chocolate just wouldn’t work. But I might try it for me!

  5. Welcome back, Janet. You have certainly been one very busy person this year. I hope that you have a pleasant Winter and get to settle down with hubby and let the world spin along until Spring.
    Happy Holidaze,

    1. Thanks, Allan. I hope you have a good holiday season too. The fires in California make me sad. No doubt they make a lot of people sad. I am ready for my winter cap and a long winter’s nap, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks, Janet. It was good to write a post. Lines have come to me in the interim, thoughts of a post that would be fun to write, but wasn’t. Hopefully, I have absolved myself by my whine. LOL.

  6. Well, well, Janet, that was a busy year. So you have two sons, grandsons and a great-grandson? 🙂
    Compliments. If it’s any solace we are cold here in Mexico city. 4-5 C in the morning and the inside temperature around 16C… The new house is nice but we just decided to buy heaters. No point in freezing to death.
    Be good.

    1. Yikes! That’s downright chilly for D.F. Heaters sound like a good idea to me. Winter is always a challenge. Either too warm for heaters but not warm enough for not. Unfortunately, I now live in a climate that demands furnaces. And new filters. That was a task I found too boring to write about…..

      1. It is chilly. And I am thinking of putting a furnace somewhere. (Don’t tell me about global warming. Don’t see it here) Problem is where to put the furnace. Houses here have no basement… 😦

      2. I think it was not very good for leg circulation… 😉 (But I could live with that right now. 14C in the bedroom this morning…) But Singapore shoud be warm. 😉 Take care Janet

  7. Thanks for the memories. There are so many gifts you and Cliff gave me. You Janet instilling in me to know the meaning of words you use when communicating with another. You Cliff, with your sense of humor. When all the clergy would line up to enter the church, showing signs of being nervous and that’s when you would make me and others laugh.
    May you both be blessed,
    Rev. Mtr. Gail Newbury

    1. Ah, Gail, how sweet to hear from you! And you’re very welcome. And thanks for reminding me of making others laugh. I guess that’s still a part of what I do. 🙂 Cliff says hi. And we both send you our love. The part I forgot to add in to all the other parts was that after a two year break, a newly ordained priest talked us into doing church again. He wanted to learn liturgy from us, which was a kind and supportive thing to say, and we have a sweet little chapel….and, well, we’re lining up again. And looking at each other on Sunday mornings as we leave at 8:30 a.m. and wondering……

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