A Little Girl Morning

And how was your day, Mrs Lincoln? 

That’s a phrase I’ve heard often when things go a little crazy. Things went a little crazy this morning.

Here’s the deal: I came to Florida for two weeks, in part to visit son who took me out on the Gulf or somewhere with a lot of water, and taught me how to drive his monster ski-doo. But that’s another story.The other part of Florida was coming to a nephew and niece’s house to care for two-year Kalianna as new baby came into the world. Which she did early Monday morning. Which is not like riding a ski-doo. Baby home birth so it’s been interesting.

I’m not sure what today is but I think it’s Wednesday. 

So whatever day it is, we began it at 6 a.m. which is when Kalianna woke hungry. And then little girl woke hungry and then Daddy had to go get a haircut and I’m still wandering around in my nightgown, and big girl wanted a banana, and then both girls did massive poops, which mommy cleaned up but still, and then I got in the shower, and managed to get clean and dried off before anything else happened although Kalianna visited several times, and then I put on her swimming suit and we came out to her kiddie pool but she’s already ready to go back inside…

And how was your day, Mrs. Lincoln?

20 thoughts on “A Little Girl Morning

    1. Thank you. Ya know, I feel like a “dear auntie.” And loving every moment. I’m heading home in a few days, but it’s been both exhausting and wonderful and crazy. Things inching toward routine, however.

  1. This is a wonderful time in the lives of you and your family. It is such a blessing that you can be there for them.

    1. Allan, it’s been wonderful — although Auntie is beginning to wear down a bit. Not being able to produce children at my age was a fabulous biological clock set, let me tell you! Kalianna has been such a joy to play with. She so looks like me when I was little; acts like me too although I’m not quite as impatient as I used to be. And new baby has been enchanting to watch. Yeah. A blessing.

      1. Have you considered writing letters/observations about your experiences in a journal for her to read when she is older? My wife has been doing this for over 20 years for our granddaughter and it is a marvelous collection of wishes, dreams, and anecdotes.

  2. What a wonderful experience, all around. I laughed at your breathless description — I’m sure you’ve found yourself breathless more than a few times, and for more than a few reasons. Babies are the best, and you’re right about the beauty of watching them really come to life-in-this-world. I’ve never been around one quite so young, but I’ve seen things like the discovery of hands. So very cool, and memorable. Thanks for sharing it. (I can smell the plastic of my kiddie pool right now…)

  3. It’s been rather a long time since you have had a two year old, hasn’t it, Dear Sister?? It only gets better!! (from my experience) !!

    1. She was born at home as you probably know by now, and it’s been so cool watching a newborn get used to the world, learn to breathe, to stretch out of the fetal position, to learn she can open her eyes. Very cool.

      1. Just catching up on your stories! I don’t think I have ever enjoyed anything as much as the experience of watching my granddaughter Saoirse being born! It was fascinating! Since we are “older” you know we didn’t get to do all that neat stuff when ours were born…flat on your back with your feet in the air, and I couldn’t see anything!! So anyway, just wanted to share that. lol

  4. No, definitely not like riding a ski-doo. 🙂 Maybe a ski-poo? At any rater, my day’s been pretty good and thanks for asking. Trying to get things done as well as do some relaxing, so I’m alternating working with reading. 🙂 Have a wonderful time, Mrs. Lincoln.


    1. Thank you, J. I’m actually having a good time, but whew. What’s also been interesting is watching a newborn get used to the outside world, learning to breathe, to open her eyes and try to see, to stretch her limbs. She was born at home so the first day or two, her narural comfort was with her knees pulled up and her arms curved up against her head. Three days later, she’s learning to stretch into space.

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