Something Old, Something New…

Redesigning a website is like entering into a marriage. You’ve come to a crossroad and things change. You stop and reevaluate, reconfigure, and wiggle around the bits and differences until pieces fit together, the old and the new.

This photo from Ocean City is part of the old. I couldn’t part with it. Now it’s the first shot in the new slider. I like the crossroad of land and sky and water. There’s an old couple who struggled together up the dune to look. They, too, are at a crossroad. I like to imagine they have come to the ocean for years on vacation and played in the surf. Now they stand and remember.

The second photo in the slider, Prairie Nights, is from our family farm. My husband and I live in a crossroad city, Kansas City, and travel to Ocean City, where my husband spent much of his childhood, and to the farm, where I spent much of mine.

The old blog posts are still here in a new format, but the sidebar is gone, so readers will need to scroll down to the bottom banner which has links to the categories. Another old/new is the Publication Page with old images but in a new and updated style.

I’ve often stood at a crossroad. My crossroads usually read STOP on the side I can see, but the destination is written on the reverse side in ink fated to remain invisible for an unknown span of time. I stop, reconfigure, and head off somewhere, not knowing where or why I’m going, but trusting I’ll eventually understand.

Sort of like now. I’m at the crossroad between finishing a memoir and finding an agent to walk with it and me into publishing. That’ll be new—I expect I’ll keep you posted. While there is no end to advice or lists to finding an agent, the bottom line, as in all the arts professions, is who you know. So if you know or have an agent who might like a woman who wanders, let me know.

The completely new and figuring-out-how-it-works on this site are the pages for Workshops and Services. Two years ago, a stop sign ended twenty years of adjunct college teaching. Now I’m teaching through Workshops. I like teaching and I’m glad it’s evolved.

A year ago, a stop sign left us without a place to hold church services, but the Services page will offer us as presiders at weddings and memorial services. I’ve been a Spiritual Mentor/Counselor for more than twenty years. It was time to make it more public.

Please wander around in the new site. Let me know if you like it or if something doesn’t work for you. At base, we’re all in this together.

One last piece of new: in this new design, I’m working with Jen Wewers who has a great eye and knows social media. If it’s time for you to reconfigure, I highly recommend her.


15 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New…

  1. I’m so glad you kept the photo of Ocean City. I like the paths crossing. It sounds like you are choosing new paths. I look forward to hearing more. I appreciate your recommending Jen Wewers as a web designer. My blog badly needs reorganization. Some day I’ll stop long enough from writing to tackle that.

    1. I understand the time drain. That was the great thing about Jen. She found the templates for me to choose ftom and uploaded and designed. She said it’s like putting a puzzle together. And always checked with me to see if i liked what she’d done. Also asked what I wanted the initial impression to be, and I said peaceful. And it didn’t take her very long to put it together.

  2. It looks great, Janet! I just self-hosted and used WordPress to do the hard work. I haven’t changed my theme yet (still two weeks of school–grading papers and finals), so it looks the same for now. Congrats! And yes, it is like a marriage. I lost sleep over pulling the self-hosting trigger, where my bouncing baby blog grew into a svelte teenager!

  3. Sounds as thought you’re moving on in a positive way. Good for you and all the best. I thought this was a new theme for your blog. I’ve been thinking about trying a new theme, one more photo-friendly, but haven’t gotten around to it.


    1. Thanks, Janet. It’s been a process, as they say! Sometimes it’s hard for me to change from what’s comfortable, but getting to the point where I could market myself as a writer was important. Just another step….. as ‘twer.

  4. Congratulations! Totally smart to hire someone. There are so many details to manage that can fall through the cracks. I’ve learned that the hard way. When someone is logged in to it doesn’t show the full version site. I’ll have to check it out at home. I can’t wait to hear about your agent when you secure one. I read a great article about best practices landing one that I’ll try to find and send you. I’m finally coming up for air after a couple of intense weeks. May this be only the beginning of more life opportunities that await you, my dear Janet.

    1. Thanks so much, Jen. There has been a lot coming in, that’s for sure, and a busy few weeks. So I’m glad this part of the marketing is done so well. I’m happy about all you’ve been doing. You’ve taken such bold steps forward. Good job!

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