16 thoughts on “I WANT TO WRITE, BUT I DON’T? WON’T? CAN’T?

    1. Robyn, I just signed up on your new site. That may be why we’re not getting each other’s posts. So re-sign on mine. I promise I’ll get something written new sooooon…..

      1. I commented on her post too. It hit a chord with me .. thanks to both of you I decided to pull out the dozens of drafts awaiting perfection and just post and take the consequences !!! 🙂

  1. I was thinking about you yesterday. Sometimes, I switch to a different creative activity instead to get my brain moving. I cook or craft. Or, I give myself permission to take a break. I watch a reality TV show, or call a family member. Revision/ editing isn’t the glamorous part of writing, but it’s important.

    1. I Jen! I was thinking about you, too, as for the first time in a long time, my feet were warm yesterday. My Finn shoes, ridiculously expensive and ten years worn down from when I had terrible problems with my feet after a car accident, went back for a rehab. After six weeks, they returned, rehabilitated in the mail. My feet were happy. And warm.

      The winter goes on. It’s snowing today. But February is right around the corner and March will come. And April….. I send good cheer and hope.

      1. It is still snowing here too, again. Apparently, we had the 3rd snowiest December in the past 100 years. The snow from the roof now meets the pile from the ground. It’s crazy. I have orthopedic inserts since PT in September. I’ve been searching for winter boots that are waterproof, warm and stable. Part of growing older is realizing I would rather wear ugly shoes or sneakers today so I can still walk/ run 10 years from now. I was wishing there were still cobblers or shoemakers. I’ve tried on over 63 pairs of shoes and boots in the past week. I finally found a pair of dressy shoes yesterday, at a specialty foot store, but boots are proving to be trickier. I almost bought a pair of hiking boots. I will some of the Finn boots on the wish list for my Fairy Godmother. PS I highlighted my hair, and love it. Plus, I bought more fleece pullovers and turtlenecks from Lands End last week… I call my look 50 shades of fleece. I wear the same thing every day, but in a different vibrant color combination.

    1. Thanks, Lia. It made me laugh. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s snowing. I’ve seen a big storm coming your way too, an old fashioned (and way too fierce) nor ‘easterner. Hope you stay warm and safe too.

  2. Um. This is kind of disturbing to me. Because I honestly can’t remember what I did with most of my day. I know I had a Dr. appointment in the morning, and I made a phone call to the insurance company after that. I did write a short blog post. I sent an email. But that’s not a whole day’s worth of stuff. what else did I do? I don’t have a puppy.

    1. No puppy for me either, but somehow the days too often drift away in what did I do??? But as long as I sit at the laptop and work, the memoir revisions inch along. And Teresa’s post made me laugh. So let’s laugh. January is inching towards an end. It’s snowing.

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