A “Finished” Book

So this blogging every day thing, obviously, did not materialize, since I last sent out a post on the 7th and it’s now the 10th.

However, I did reread the “finished” manuscript (perhaps a book is never exactly finished), first sentence to last, and made more revisions; and then I went through again and made sure formatting matched all the way, chapter headings and spacing, that sort of thing. And then last night I sent out email to those who are reading the manuscript and sending comments, BETA readers they’re called, and two emailed back so this morning I sent it to those two.

And checked several times to make sure the correct version was in Dropbox. It is. And the desktop. Given my ocd tendencies, I’m likely to save it to a flash drive too but I haven’t yet.

But. If you’ve reached this far reading and haven’t thrown up your hands in boredom or frustration at something else you could be reading, here’s a quote I found on an empty page divider, just after I’d finished reading the journal for what-came-next. This came next.

I Remember Your Name in the Night, a book by Donagh O’Shea.

I need to give myself profoundly to the future; that is part of what it is to love time, to love life itself. Love casts out fear. If I can be courageous in the face of the future, then when my future comes it will be mine. And only when it is mine can I give it away. To God and to others. For you I will be who I will be.

8 thoughts on “A “Finished” Book

  1. That really is a great quote! The fact that you are finished with your book, your labor of love; who cares if you missed a few posts. The point of posting is to hone your writing, and you’ve already done that. The rest is gravy šŸ™‚ Congrats, Janet!! …but don’t stop posting, I am enjoying them!

    1. Thank you Terri. You’re very kind. As you see, this morning I’m catching up on comments and older posts instead of writing a new one. Oh. And cleaning out the basement and telling myself to get out to the yard and get the transplanting done that needs doing. We seem to be having a late bout of warm for this time of year. And I’m doing neither at the moment. Just playing. Cheers, Lady!

  2. That quote caps a wonderful day. I had lunch with eleven friends who live in my apartment building to celebrate the 85th birthday of one of us The eldest two of us are 96. I’m the youngest and will be 79 in a few weeks. The richness of life and amazement expressed at living long is future enough for me. The belly laughs at our selves is our secret I think. We do love each other.

    Congratulations on finishing your book. ā¤

    1. What a wonderful story to tell me. I could see you all sitting around the table. What a cool thing to have eleven friends with which to celebrate!

      Thanks for the congrats. It’s been a journey, as they say. And now I’m wandering around from room to room figuring out what to do with myself. šŸ™‚

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