Gotta love words

Sometimes, life’s just too … well, absurd and funny not to share.

I like Kickstarter and have contributed small amounts to several campaigns. For my donation to Wordnick, I got to adopt a word. Dwindle. I adopted dwindle. We all probably know what it means, but it’s the sound that gets to me. Really. If you pronounce the word out loud, you’ll see what I mean.

And you can’t confuse it. It has few synonyms: decrease, diminish, lessen, falls. That’s it pretty much it. And hardly as onomatopoeic.

Now. How’s that for a fancy word? Onomatopoeic. Gotta love words.

What’s even better, I receive a reward sticker. Which led me to wondering exactly what I might do with a reward sticker that read dwindle. Stick it to my forehead? On my car’s back window?

I’m pretty sure I’m not getting a metal. The announced reward is below.

Thank you!
We’re thrilled that you’ve adopted ‘dwindle’!

What’s next?
The reward stickers have been printed, and will be on the way to you soon!
If your reward included a backer medal, that’s being designed now, and we’ll be showing the design in next Monday’s Kickstarter backer update. For medal backers, we’ll be mailing your stickers and the medal together.


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