4 thoughts on “Artsy Shark post

  1. A really great post, Janet! Very informative. I like the idea of journaling but I have gotten away from it–I blame technology! Love going to galleries and seeing local artists. I need to stop by my university’s art gallery and see what’s there!

    1. Thanks Terri. Glad it reminded you to go look! I need to do that myself, from time to time. In fact, going to a gallery tonight that’s combining readings with visual art. Now how’s that for a good idea…

  2. I enjoyed that. I know a couple of visual artists who have had to give little gallery talks, and they nearly died. Even the most talented artists aren’t always talk-talented, and advice like you offered could be very helpful.

    1. Thanks! Please pass the ideas on. As artists we mostly want our work to speak for us (so we don’t have to!). But learning how to communicate with our audience, verbally, can also be fulfilling (or at least interesting).

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