Just another full moon

Full moonEach morning I sit quietly with my journal and a cup of strong Irish Breakfast tea…with milk of course…and I write my day, thoughts, dreams, in short…I write my brain awake.

The other thing in my morning ritual is to read one or two professional astrologers (not the newspaper ones) to gather the tenor of the day. Most of the time, that keeps me from becoming overly cantankerous on those days when aspects are challenging. Today was a full moon.

I often check Spaceweather.com as the sun is prone to send fierce solar storms or glancing coronal mass ejections our way without the least provocation. I need to know these things. Seldom, however, do I laugh right out loud. Today I did.

One of the people I read is Henry Seltzer. He has a Linguistics degree and studied Computer Science and went to MIT. And he’s had a long interest in Jungian psychological symbolism. As have I. All to say, I trust his wisdom.

If you click on the above jpeg, you’ll see the chart bigger and even if you don’t, it’s easy to see: stuff is piled up in one section or our solar system.

(Appropriate to the times, I was interrupted in the middle of this to go do something else only to discover I had two of what my son was installing and neither of them did what I wanted them to do. I grow old, I wear my pants legs rolled…..T.S. Elliot)

So. We all know life’s been a little nuts….(a little? I hear you say…) so what Seltzer wrote this morning may not bring a surprise but rather, as it did to me, an out loud laugh in recognition.

Saturn represents structure, and remains in square with numinous Neptune, an aspect that was highlighted in the timing of the New Moon two weeks past. This constitutes another potent symbol for this month’s astrology, indicating that things are in a somewhat nebulous state, with confusion about the way that the very structure of our lives could be morphing with reckless abandon, versus our diminishing capability to keep holding on. (bold emphasis is mine)

And that about says it all. A somewhat nebulous (read wacko) state…? Check.

lives…morphing with reckless abandon…? Check.

our diminishing capability to keep holding on…? Check.

This morning my plan was to work on the memoir all afternoon. It’s now 6 pm and I’m now getting to the writing room, to write, instead, the absurdity of making plans. Something else needed doing earlier this afternoon, which entailed several details and email and messages to board members to get the right language for completing said task. It’s completed. That task, not the memoir.

And so we go. Ca-rooming from one thing to another. Or at least I do. Ends flailing about madly, in reckless abandon.

It could be worse.


15 thoughts on “Just another full moon

  1. Hi Aunti,

    What astrology websites do you recommend? I would be helpful I think to have more guidance in when to hunker down. Whew it’s been a tough week!


    Sent from my iPhone

    1. http://www.astrograph.com/horoscopes/ – that’s Seltzer’s site, the one I mentioned in the post. And Ruby Slippers. She comes into my inbox http://rubyslipper.ca/
      If you read through either of those sites, you’ll get an overview of what’s going on. We’re in the weeks of a last of seven pretty fierce squares between the Pluto and Uranus which is all about high energy and transformation. That will be with us all month. It’s probably best to just start with Seltzer and go from there, bit by bit. It can get overwhelming. Frank Don is an intuitive astrologer (you can search for him) who explains energies a lot. That should get you started! Everyone’s pretty well slammed right now so the most important thing is to realize it’s outside us and choose to not internalize all this energy. (Yeah, right!!) Love you. We’ll get through this too.

  2. I love reading how your day goes – or not. I also love your bit of T.S. Eliot. His poetry speaks wise things to me about time. Confusion relaxes me since I then realize I am not in control. This happens more and more as I write for my blog. I don’t think writing fits into a human timetable.

    1. I loved your last line, Viv. No, writing does not seem to fit in a human timetable – an outside of time sort of endeavor. As it were. Near as I can tell, there’s no such thing as control anyway. Choices yes; control? Not so much. Thanks so much for reading and responding.

  3. Hmmm our lives morphing with reckless abandon!? Sounds very interesting!
    It’s ironic you’re writing this tonight because this week, I’ve felt so out of whack…
    I hope this weekend’s time change will give me more energy with more hours of daylight !
    Here’s to just another full moon:)
    And by the way, your morning ritual sounds divinely peaceful and relaxing!

    1. Hi Lia. It’s always good to see your comments! My “morning ritual” has been just that for years. I’m not much good in the morning without it. It was odd, however, to recently discover the reason it’s been so important. The act of moving my pen over paper somehow ignites my brain. You’d think I would have realized that years ago!! No. It was too asleep to recognize. I just did. LOL.

      1. Wow, every time I read you, you inspire me!! Thanks for giving me a much needed spark to get my brain ignited too!!!
        Happy Friday and happy writing!!

      2. It works for me! Hope it does for you, too. And once you get started in the ritual of morning journaling, it’s hard to break. (esp if the head works better….)

  4. It’s been a little chaotic around here this week, too. Several unexpected events, some unexpected challenges, a little of this and a little of that. But sometimes things work out. The weather has been truly frightful — either warm and foggy, or blustery and quite cold — so there was no chance of work. Voila! Time to get all those unexpected chores done. Yes, ma’am — thing could be worse.

    Here’s to a little more balance showing up. Soon.

    1. And wouldn’t a little balance be nice! I keep watching for the March winds that always blow this time of year. They aren’t. And we haven’t had much snow or moisture. It all goes north or south. But we’ve sure had enough cold. But not the ten feet of snow in Boston. There’s that. And yes, it will all balance out somehow. It always does. It’s the unexpected chores that surprise. Oh, yes. That!! And I still have taxes to do. Ah. Well. That too.

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