Photo Challenge: Depth

BanyonOn a recent trip to Hawaii Island, Niece Lia took her Aunties on a hike through the rainforest in Waipio Valley. So much of the walk felt like a misty Hobbit-Land. We rested here under the Banyan’s umbrella. My sister Judy and I both took this shot but mine included people and Judy’s elegantly shows the path and depth. We share. So here’s to Judith Sunderland-Yorkey and a winning shot!



6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Depth

  1. Janet, Hobbiton indeed! I recall the first scene with the Nazgul in the first movie. I can see these guys frightened to pieces, worried about the Ring Wraites with those trees swaying in the background. How neat, and how obsessed am I with LOTR? 😉

    Thanks for sharing Janet and keep on inspiring!


    1. Hi Ryan. I’m a long-time LOTR fan too. The books have been in my life for many years, and the giant spider, in my mind’s eye, still, is far more terrifying than the one on screen. I like the comparison you made. I guess what happened is that as a farm kid, I found all sorts of hobbit corners growing up.

      Thanks for your kind words, Ryan.

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