Writers Quote Wednesday

writers-quote-wednesday4xWriters Quote Wednesday is brought to us by Silver Threading. Go check out her site for some great posts!

It’s an interesting challenge to find new authors or authors you thought you knew but suddenly discover an exciting line you’d never read.

Today I’m using a quote from another of my favorite authors: Me.

The problem with life’s crossroads is that the message, written on the reverse in ink destined to remain invisible for an unspecified length of time…sometimes years…is…well, invisible.

Janet Sunderland  from  Written on the Reverse (memoir in progress)

Leastwise, that’s certainly been my experience. And sometime we don’t even know it’s a crossroad until we turn around, look back, and go…oh. So that’s what it was.




9 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday

  1. I like your quote. Looking back at major crossroads in my life I don’t think of them as crossroads. I put a lot of energy in choosing a new road and making it happen. I think of it now as my lifestyle. I like surprises.

    1. That’s fabulous. I’ve never known or consciously chose the crossroads in my life. I follow where I’m led (usually pushed!!) and haven’t as clearly chosen. They come. I do the next thing. What I learned is that banging my head against something to make it happen never has worked. I just get a sore head. So maybe, in a way, I am choosing. I choose to go where I’m led. If that makes any sense.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s about all I know what to do. Oh, open door. I’ll go through. Oh, closed door. Guess I’ll stop. That’s pretty much been my life! Have a great holiday season. J.

  2. And sometimes the ink is quite visible, yet although it’s very name instructs the traveller what he must do, crossroads are the hardest part of the road to cross. Some people stand by a crossroads for their entire life because they were not prepared for it, because they are waiting for a push from an Unseen hand, they left their map and compass or their lamps to light their way. Transfixed by their fear, they will use any excuse to remain there, not taking a chance at a new path and finding out what’s at the end of it. Not willing to feel the fear and do it anyway, they miss out on life by standing at the crossroads and not daring to cross. Sounds like something I can identify with… this crossroads cross that I carry. Thanks for sharing another of your insightful quotes.

    1. I think most of the time, people get stuck out of fear, as you said. I’ve not often had a roadmap or a compass, and I’ve often been pushed by an unseen hand. Or at least that’s what it seems to me. Maybe I have chosen the path in a way by agreeing to go that way, but I never knew the outcome. I just went. And when whatever happened that I needed to do, I did it. Perhaps the real work is recognizing the crossroad. For example, I’m adjunct faculty and the last two semesters, my classes were cancelled. I saw the cancellations as a crossroad–as did my husband. Time to quit teaching in academia (after 25 years of adjunct work!) and teach as an artist. Other crossroads haven’t been that clear, however. And I’ve gone with no idea why I was going.

    1. LOL! Sure seems that way. Big and little ones – as if any crossroad is little.
      I love the snow that starts falling on WordPress each year in December and it’s always a surprise…oh, it’s snowing on my beach again. Only this is the first year I’ve had a beach to snow on.
      I love having your comments. Thank you for taking the time. And usually, you manage to make me laugh. Thanks!!

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