Where’s Janet?

Courtesy SLP-ARTIC Hats

If you’ve read my about page, the opening page titled Step Into My Crossroad, you will already know I wear several hats. Well, lemme tell ya, the hats, they be spinnin’.

I don’t often get times when all of them converge at the same time, but this is one of those times.

As a writer, I attended a holiday gathering and made the contacts I needed to make for Whispering Prairie Press; as an actor, I met with a producer who’s working to bring the OM Festival to Kansas City; as an actor, I also went up north for a haircut because I needed to look presentable; as a priest, I’ve been doing daily Advent reflections; as a mother, I organized a flight for my son to go visit his father and brother; and as a wife, well, our house looks like Martha Steward came flying through on a broomstick. And tomorrow, I’m back to being a writer at the book festival at Mid-Continent Library. Sunday, I’m presiding at Second Sunday of Advent and initiating two seminarians into the Cleric order.

Am I writing. You josh. I spent one hour one afternoon going over the last chapter in the memoir to see …. where was I anyway???

Next week looks like…well…next week.




22 thoughts on “Where’s Janet?

    1. What a great line! Thank you. Confused snow. It wasn’t my intention to be in such a whirlwind, it piled up like drifts. I think I just needed to vent and look at all the pieces in one piece. And maybe whine a little!!

    1. Now there’s a thought…what would it look like for the hats to cross…I don’t know, Madison, I’m not even sure I want to imagine. Cliff is finishing teaching next week and I’ve finished with most of my to-dos and now we’ll get to go play in the kitchen and make cookies. And hot mulled wine. How’s that for holiday cheer??

  1. Wow I didn’t know how many hats you wear! You’re such an interesting and inspiring person! Kudos to you for all that you do!

    1. You’re very sweet. Thank you. I guess the one thing I’ve learned is that if something is fun to do, don’t get rid of it. I really like all the things I do – just having a Christmas season on top of it all gets a little …well, much. Thanks for listening to my rant!

      1. Great advice! I’ll never stop dancing nor cooking since they are too huge loves of mine! Thanks for reminding me to keep the fun stuff coming!

    1. The time is now. Sitting quietly. Saying hello. I was pretty amazed myself to see it all pile up like that. But it’s all good, as they say. And actually it has been, including contacts for places to do writing workshops which I really like doing. If you like films, I’d encourage you to check out the OM Film Fest. the producer has a great idea for bring independent films to communities sort of like crowd sourcing.

    1. Maybe a little super-crazy-woman! No, really, I like my life. And I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve had and still have in my life. It’s just the piling up that gets me to ranting…. I hadn’t posted anything all week except for a writer’s quote, and wanted to, so that’s what came out–whining and ranting…sort of.

    1. Thanks, Terri. That’s mostly the way I feel about them and am grateful for the fun and experiences it’s all brought to my life. But last night? Mostly I wanted to rant. It was pretty weird having all the pieces of my life pile up like that. Not that I really keep them separate, but whoooosh…do we have to do them all at the same time??? Now I’m home and quietly in my writing space.

    1. LOL!! It is indeed. Ho ho ho. I’m glad to be quiet now at this particular moment and glad I’m home and glad there’s nothing after church tomorrow. So there you are. (PS: I’m breathing – even in between sentences 🙂 )

      1. Well thank goodness you are breathing!!! Don’t let life get so crazy that you can’t enjoy the holidays!! I remember someone (hmm, I believe Janet was her name), telling me to “slow down” in life once!! 😉

      2. Yeah, yeah, yeah….LOL. I’m okay, just too many appointments – all of which are leading to some great things, but gzzzzzzz. I’m heading to bed early. I already enjoy the holidays. Just need to be home more.

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