Writer’s Quote Wednesday

writers-quote-wednesday4xWriter’s Quote Wednesday gave us the author Nancy Kress.

I’d never heard of Nancy Kress, but hey, there’s lots of authors I’ve not heard of. So, of course, I Googled her.

I’m not that interested in science fiction, fantasy, yes, science fiction not so much. So my next stop was to search Goodreads for Nancy Kress quotes and see what she says.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the list that I laughed. Here’s my favorite quote.

An alien had given her his phone number and asked her to wait. It was almost like dating again.

Well. I had to think about that. Dating. That was a lot of waiting for phone calls. A lot of waiting. So then I wondered what waiting for an alien would look like. Maybe like a very old, very empty hallway over a very long time, long enough for a tree to grow at the end.

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12 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. This is a wonderful quote — and your picture suits it very well 🙂 I’d never heard of Nancy Kress, either, and I’m not sure if I’m sci-fi enough to understand her books, but this quote is appealing.

    1. Glad you liked the quote. It made me laugh. Perhaps I dated way too many “aliens” in my life…who knows. I’m not sci-fi enough either, but I sure get the gist of that quote. Thanks so much for commenting. I like when one of my off-the-wall comments resonates with others.

  2. Janet that is great. I have been researching different authors and what they have to say. Your quote from Nancy Kress is perfect! Loved it. Thanks again! ❤

    1. Thank you! I realized, after reading the other posts, that I was missing an image with my quote (I’m a step by step learner….). And what better image for an alien than an empty spot. It was fun reading last weeks quotes and seeing how images were complimented or obscured the quote.
      Thanks for all the work you do to find new authors.

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