On Writing: Digital Publishing

WritingThis is for my friends – YOU, particularly (you know who you are…) who publish ebooks and work in the digital publishing world.

The following is from a post by Jane Friedman who is deeply involved in the digital world. I get her newsletter and wanted to pass on the information. If you publish ebooks, I highly suggest her site. Jane Friedman has a wealth of information. This is what she says:

In January, I’m moderating a panel at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo, which focuses on information and ideas about the digital publishing landscape.

In advance, I’ve answered five questions about digital publishing to help attendees make the most out of the three-day event, and lay the groundwork for conversations that will take place at the conference and continue afterward. Those questions include:

What’s been the most newsworthy event for authors in 2014?
What big change am I anticipating in 2015?
What’s the most important thing publishers need to accomplish in 2015?
Will Amazon’s dominance in the ebook market increase?
Who’s flying under the radar and may break out in 2015?

What Authors Want Survey
Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest are again partnering on a study to understand what authors are doing and what they want. They will present the results at the conference. Click here to take the survey.

Jane Friedman






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