11 thoughts on “Snow on the beach

  1. It took me a minute to remember…. It’s the WordPress snow! I have it turned off, so I don’t see it, and I don’t have it enabled on my blog. But it’s a fun thing, especially with that beach photo. One of the best Christmas eves ever was about six or seven years ago, when we did get serious snow here on the Gulf coast. I’ve got a great photo of a surfer snowman down on the beach at Galveston. Everyone who was around at the time longs every year for a repeat performance.

    1. I’m not sure how it became enabled on my blog. I began this in 2010 and that first year, there it was. It delighted me so I’ve never looked for a place to turn it off. And this year, with the new design and new header, it’s….well…Ocean City in the snow is what it is!

    1. I imagine it would be a bit odd. Maybe they add the snow according to time zones or something – world zones. But every year, I’m newly surprised. Oh. Snow. It must be December! Maybe you’ll have some in July – which would certainly be disconcerting to me. I’d think, dandruff? Dandruff on my site???

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