With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.

                                                                               William Wordsworth

While you’re reading this, snug in your morning rituals, I’m snug on the farm. If you want a view of said farm, go here, or here,  or here. There’s more. All you have to do is search “prairie” or “farm” and you’ll find them. There’s probably links to some of them at the bottom of this post.

That’s where I am now. For two whole glorious and quiet days out of the city.

I’m writing, as you read this, no doubt. And that’s what On Writing is about. Finding the place and the silence and the peace (no Internet, cell phone reception spotty, six miles from the nearest paved road).

But if you’ve read the other posts, you already know that. Imagine me in front of a window looking out on that prairie. That’s where I am. Writing.



5 thoughts on “On Writing: Just Writing

  1. The Wordsworth quote speaks how I feel about seeing the world as an observer participant and then in the quiet of my apartment mining words for writing. I’m glad you have your place to write. Enjoy.

    1. We did enjoy! Thank you. Here in town, we have a wonderful old (1924 built) house, with three floors, counting basement where washer and dryer live. Lots of up and down stairs each day. Great windows. But on the farm, we never lose track of one another in the 24’x15′ space.

      1. Oh both homes sound lovely! You described your 1924 so richly that I can picture it in my mind!
        Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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