Some Storybook Characters of Paris: a photo journey

gargoylesThe everlasting, ever-watchful gargoyles who guard from the towers of Notre Dame

headlessThe headless bishops who once sat above the portal of Notre Dame with heads attached (and which were chopped off in the Revolution), and who now reside in the Roman-baths basement over which was built the residence of the abbots of Cluny in in mid-12th Century and is now the magnificent Middle-Ages Cluny museum.

red doorThe door to a fortune-teller and herbalist on the street behind Notre Dame, replete with cross and stuffed birds, to visit in case you’re not sure your prayers will be answered.

St. PeterThe feet of St. Peter at the church of Saint Sulpice whose toes have been kissed down to nubs by centuries of worshippers.

St. DenisSt. Denis, the patron saint of Paris, who, after his head was chopped off (see bloody axe), picked it up and went off through the streets, still preaching. Now that must have been a sight to behold!

VoltaireVoltaire, famed philosopher of the Enlightenment, standing guard over his tomb in the crypt of the Pantheon.

ManMan walking through walls in Montmartre (Passe-Muraille) based on a short story by French novelist Marcel Aymé. To fláner means to wander aimlessly, more or less, and that’s what we were doing on Montmartre — aimlessly wandering — when we came upon this wall.

9 thoughts on “Some Storybook Characters of Paris: a photo journey

    1. No, not in Paris; dreaming Paris. These are from a trip we took a couple years ago. I’ve scheduled a “photo story” post for each Thursday and a post on writing every Monday. Just want to see how that schedule keeps me going. I may even repost you for the Mondays sometime!(if that’s okay). So glad you enjoyed it.

  1. Thanks for a new lens for seeing Paris. I’ve been there several times and never saw these sights. I’m particularly taken with the Fortune Teller’s door and the man walking through the wall.

    1. How cool is that! Thank you. The fortune teller in a street behind Notre Dame was truly interesting. We would wander down all sorts of odd streets, wondering where it took us. We walked and walked and I fell in love as so many do with the city.

  2. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing… The one with the man walking through the wall is eerily beautiful!!
    Greetings from NYC!

    1. Thanks, Lia. And thanks for the shots of NYC. Paris and New York – what a pair. I loved living there, but loved Mexico more, so gave up an upper west side apt. with windows. Can you imagine???

      1. Thank you!
        The Upper West Side is beautiful but especially in the winter, I can imagine how anazing Mexico is!

  3. Thank you for sharing your photos and the witty captions! Returning to work after my trip to NYC has been less than joyous, and seeing your photos reminds me of my own, and the sweet memories they carry.
    What fun to discover, and rediscover the world filled with intriguing images!

    1. You’re welcome. I have a new schedule of photo stories every Thursday just to keep myself lighter! And re-seeing places I’ve been makes me happy too. Thanks for reading and enjoying! And so glad you had such a fabulous time in New York. I enjoyed your photos, too.

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