Unequal Terms

Given free rein (or reign as the case may be) by The Daily Post to participate in Blog Action Day and write about inequality, I begin which may turn into a rant. Bear with me.

I’m tired of hearing the debate about women’s contraceptives and whether they ought to be included in a health care plan. I’m even more tired of the inequality in implying all responsibility for unwanted pregnancies lies with the woman. And I’m incensed at the sexy Viagra commercials that run interminably (Viagra, by the way, covered by health insurance).


Let’s talk about equality: it would be equal justice to make a law that says if a pregnancy occurs and is unwanted, then the man who produced the sperm that fertilized the egg had to go to jail, trapped in other words, for the term of the woman’s pregnancy when she is trapped. Not hard to find out, with DNA testing, where the sperm came from.

But wait, you say, there’s laws about financial responsibility and a man is required to pay child support, but that’s like making a car payment, that’s NOT supporting a child. Supporting a child is helping it grow and learn and become a responsible adult. Remember, a woman pays child support, too. Is that equality?

Why not a law that penalizes the man for not taking precautions? Why not have condom commercials instead of Viagra commercials? Why not require that men take responsibility for their actions.

Well, some man might say, what if she tells you she’s on birth control? So what? It’s your sperm. Take responsibility and cap it! What if she says she can’t have children? So what? It’s your sperm. Take responsibility! Wear a condom. Even with a woman who has effective pregnancy protection, there’s still the chance of disease, herpes, crabs, the list goes on. When you have unprotected sex, you are having sex with every person that woman has ever had sex with and every person who had sex with those people. I mean really! Is that the equality you want?

Men. Take responsibility. Or one of these days, just possibly, inequality will be remedied and you’re not going to like the outcome.

6 thoughts on “Unequal Terms

    1. Thank you! This is the topic we need to be talking about, not whether or not women should get contraceptives w/health insurance. Pass the post around. The more that read it, the more possibility of our getting a real conversation going. Thanks for reading!!

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