Five days in Baltimore – a visual journey

2014-10-01 002
St. Johns Annapolis; Janet’s Alma Mater (hers the Santa Fe campus)
Crab Cakes at Michael’s in South Federal Hill
20141001_205029 - Copy
Rockfish with Crab Salad….oh, my
Camden Yards…where hope reigns eternal.
The Brothers, Cliff and Ken, at their old camp Msgr. Clare O’Dwyer Retreat Center, Sparks, MD
Everyone gets a little strange back home. Especially out in the country.
The magic tunnel under the highway.
Outside the Labyrinth.
At the end of the Labyrinth.
A deserted house beyond the old ball field.
A deserted house beyond the old ball field.
Old rock house in the woods. We could all live there                                                                                                      (once we chased the monster from the basement).


14 thoughts on “Five days in Baltimore – a visual journey

    1. Thanks, Ron! Druid Hill. What a place! I love that park. The first time Cliff took me was on a night drive from or to somewhere and we entered the park into this most amazing and dark circle of trees. Talk about Druids!! I felt right at home…. love the row houses that front it across the street, too. They are now painted in rainbow colors, fresh and perky. Hope you are well. J.

  1. I can feel the life and fun in your visit to Baltimore. The food pictures take me back to eating Maryland crab, which I enjoyed years ago while visiting a friend in DC. Thanks.

    1. What a nice memory for you! Thanks for commenting. Maryland crab is THE BEST (but then we’re prejudice). At another meal we had fresh Chesapeake ousters and we could literally taste the bay in them. Thankfully over the years, Maryland has done a good job of cleaning up the water..

  2. What great photos! I enjoyed the visual journey. Thanks, Janet. As always, it is a pleasure to follow your blog. We returned a couple of weeks ago from a trip to Ireland. Travels help us see the world anew. Happy Fall!

    1. It was a new format for me – using just photos to tell the story. Thanks for your kind words. You must have some wonderful shots of Ireland! What a great journey. I hope to hear/see what you saw on your journey soon.

    1. It’s a great city. We were so surprised this time at the new condos and all the changes in South Baltimore. Cliff grew up there so we’ve been back several times over the years, but this time we had time to wander. But we also made the required stop in East Baltimore for crab cakes! No hot dogs this time tho.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! The crab cakes look scrumptious and the tunnel and old house rather Halloweenesque!

    1. Thanks, Lia. It was quite a tunnel. The guys wondered if it was still there – a tunnel under highway from the retreat house to the ball field. They were delighted to see it still existed. And yes, we made up all kinds of stories about who might be dead or alive in the house! One top window, without a wood cover, was open just a bit. THAT led to speculations, let me tell you! The brothers are so much fun to be around.

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