Give and Take – Mostly Not

“If you’re gong to take that downstairs, did you put something under the leak?”

“Yeah! Of course I did.”


Sharp toss of the head toward the porch. “That pot out there.”

“It has a leak–don’t use that.”

“It doesn’t have a leak! I checked it out. You’re always telling me I’m wrong.”

“I’m not telling you you’re wrong. I’m telling you the pot has a pin-hole leak.” I pick up pot and hold it to light. Pin-hole shows light. He doesn’t look. Stomps down the stairs.

I hear a rumbling battering as he searches for the other pot.

I go inside and close the kitchen door.




2 thoughts on “Give and Take – Mostly Not

    1. Close. Adult son with a migraine… good guess. Guess the voices were clear enuf!! Read your road rage (girl, you need a comment place on your blog – or one not so hidden I can’t find it) and I want to say WELL DONE!! My sentiments exactly.

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