It’s April – and we are glad it’s so

I apologize for being so absent for so long with these blog posts. Like many of you, the first three months were pretty rocky around here. I’m grateful for the hopeful earth that continues to push up green shoots even in the troublesome times.

At the beginning of Lent, I began a daily series of inspirational posts at my other site, Community of the Incarnation. They were mostly related to the season of Lent, but I’ve decided to continue with less of an emphasis on the church year and more of an emphasis on simply living with a conscious intent.

The posts are short, less than two hundred words, and focused on one idea.

One of the things that happened to me in March was landing in the hospital for two days with something called Transient Global Amnesia, an interesting title and an interesting experience. In short, I’m fine, my brain is fine (well, sometimes that debatable) as is my heart. I simply shorted out.

So I’m in catch-up mode. And careful mode. And really focusing on what’s important. In other words, simplifying.

I’ll still post on this site, but less often, and probably more related to my writing projects. Or something.

Life, as is so often said, is a process.

I hope you’ll find me on the Incarnation site and join me for a few moments each day sitting still and re-collecting. I certainly need it. Maybe we all do.




3 thoughts on “It’s April – and we are glad it’s so

  1. Janet,
    I did not know you had been ill I’ve never heard of Transient Global Amnesia but of course now I will have to look it up.
    If you need anything let me know.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your recent illness, but it sounds as if you’re back in commission. I agree that a few moments of rest and relaxation everyday can bring us back to ourselves. Take care.

    1. Thanks Vicky. It was more like a short-out than an illness, but strange none the less. I am doing my best to eliminate the extras from my calendar, however. At least for the time being. Who knows what the next…will bring? Right now it’s galleys to proof. Your good wishes are much appreciated. I know you are well aware of how taxing the doing as usual can be! Regards.

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