Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

“Wrong” is a word I rarely use, it’s so…well, judgmental for one and so dependent on perspective for another. So how to depict “wrong.” That of course is the photo challenge.

The little guy below isn’t wrong, but my understanding certainly was. We passed him at the mouth of an alley in Old Town San Diego, and at first, I thought he was mechanical and playing the keyboard, but no, I was wrong. He wasn’t playing at all and it wasn’t a keyboard, only a recording coming out of the keyboard. But whatever it was, it got people to noticing the shop behind (see giraffe) which sold all sorts of interesting and novel creations. So that part was “right.”

Maybe that the thing about wrong and right; two words on different sides of the same coin (the coin we use to pay for trinkets!).

Just a Keyboard Man

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