Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

What an absolutely perfect prompt for these days when I feel completely befuddled by life and all the loose pieces flailing around on my desk like a den of vipers. Well, not quite, but the befuddled part is about right.

The other reason this is a perfect prompt, unfocused photos, is that I have a few that I just can’t part with but that are so fuzzy as to be almost useless for anything except remembering the moment.

Photo #1: Three Dog Night playing at the Missouri State Fair. Now you gotta love these guys out trucking across the country still doing their music. So we went. Saw Bob Dylan that way a few years ago, too….trucking across the country playing state fairs. So. Three Dog Night. One of my favorite songs has the lyrics, “I’ve never been to heaven but I been to Oklahoma….” Great song with a great guitar solo. But the photos that night? Not so great. Out of focus and caught in the lights. But here’s my favorite. That’s Michael Allsup on guitar and Danny Hutton with the mic. “Never Been to Spain.”

Three Dog Night


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