I think it was too much yoga. After I read the lesson, I accidentally bowed to the congregation instead of the altar. You get done with yoga, you bow.  I usually bow at my laptop, since that’s where my yoga instruction is coming from.  No one at church seemed to notice that I had bowed in the wrong direction.  I laughed at myself and turned around and bowed at the altar, too.  I had wanted to laugh during the reading, too.  It was the story of the Israelites complaining in the wilderness because they are “sick of this miserable food,” and God in response sending them a bunch of poisonous snakes to bite them.  “You think that’s bad?”  God says.  “Hey, it could be worse!”  It’s just one of Old Testament God’s myriad violent, wacko methods of communicating with his favorite people.  Old Testament God’s got a lot of personality…

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