Friday after Ash Wednesday

The day is unsettled. In the time I’ve been up, the sky has gone from clear and sunny

to overcast and blustery, to clear again,

to overcast and blustery.

and that’s just the sky, never mind the email and text messages and phone calls that have blustered through, upsetting what we thought was.

Oh. And the blog. This is the second time I’ve written this post this morning. The first one disappeared. Regardless of WordPress always saving drafts, it didn’t.

So the question becomes, how do we hold on to our Lenten resolve (just two days in!) when life becomes unsettled?  “Do you call this a fast, a day acceptable to the Lord?” says Isaiah.

My way of holding onto resolve is to sit down, breathe, let my fingers play across the keyboard, write to you (even if I have to write it twice. Twice!! Okay. Breathe).

How do you hold on to your balance, to your resolve to heal that which wounds, which gets in your way? Breathing works for me; what works for you? How do you untie “the thongs of the yoke; and set free” that which oppresses?


10 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. unfortunately anything worth doing is worth doing twice. life noise bothers me some days and i enjoy the work others, some days quiet music others crankin loud music. the trick (as in all things) is to just have it.

  2. One of my “secrets” is to flood my air space with calming sounds: soft music, an inside water fountain and a purring cat. Then I add the scents that restore my sense: Ginger Salmon Stir Fry, an evergreen scented candle after washing up from fish and a fresh pot of good black tea to get energy for the afternoon office hours.
    Ahhhhh…and we’re back!
    I am always amazed at how very kinesthetic I am, Janet.

    1. Isn’t it interesting the things that soothe. A purring cat is a topper, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts for others to read. I appreciate it since my way (total silence except for wind) is my preferred space – but that doesn’t work for everyone.

  3. C.S. Lewis once talked about how we should be aware of our “inner cesspool.” Like you I’m heeding Isaiah 58 and unyoking myself from those old judgments and biases that secretly oppress others. It’s hard to do when we’re surrounded in the media by images of oppressors. For me, Acts of Contrition are the answer. Not just promises of contrition, but action. Alms, kindness, and repeatedly watching my behavior and prayer seem to be helping. I’m not sure giving up chocolate does much for advancing the Kingdom.

    1. I like that quote from C.S. Lewis. I’d not heard it before, but “inner cesspool” is a great phrase. And that’s it exactly. All the stuff we carry around. Thanks so much for posting your wisdom.

  4. i can vouch for the unsettled nature of this day thus far.

    Letting go of worrying proves a bit more challenging when the surrounding world presses in with urgent cries for attention and action.

    We cannot spread peace from an agitated base and the world does not bring peace at the moment. Surely, deep within flows the life-giving peaceful stream, if only we can breathe from that place.

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