Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter 1

We’re not having winter this year. Well, of course, in the technical sense we are and have passed Winter Solstice and entered January so yes, we are having winter. However, yesterday’s temperature was in the 60s so if you live where we live, that’s hardly winter weather.

However, most would agree, in this Kansas City city, that last years winter was quite enough thank you. So here’s photos from a year ago which are filled with snow. I actually felt sorry for St. Francis who sits in our garden, welcoming the animals, but he seemed quite content, protecting the bird in his hand from the cold snow.

St Francis and the snow bird

And with this post, I’ve reached the milestone of 200 posts published.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter 1

  1. 200 is a great achievement. I always get to your posts, not in the timeliest manner. But eventually work slows enough & I get to crawl inside your head. It’s a lovely place full of new viewpoints. Congratulations.

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